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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Warning: The music and lyrics linked to in this post will offend Bush supporters, people who don't like the word "fuck", and people who get offended at everything Jim's Big Ego comes up with.


And for more than just the lyrics, the mp3 is free too.

I think I have a new favorite song. Yay for anti-Bush sentiments!

I don't think we should be changing horses in midstream
even if the horse is on fire and stream is made of gasoline
I feel the country's much safer with him
now that we're finally alone in the world - we can win

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While I wouldn't want to underestimate the powers of people to get offended, the lyrics are too silly to be taken seriously. (I haven't listened to the song yet as my speakers decided that outputting sound wasn't in their interest as of this morning and I can't figure out why.)

Agreed, except realize that if you weren't aware, WTFMFWTFAYT stands for, and is expressed (screamingly) within the song as "What the fuck, motherfucker, what the fuck are you thinking?" That's what's got the capacity to offend excessively sensitive people, but for me, I simply understand and empathize with the urge to scream obcenities at our Bungler-In-Chief.

I was close. I thought it was "WTF, mate? F! WTF are you thinking?" (With the acronyms expanded, naturally.) Though it would be amusing to hear someone try to pronounce "WTFMFWTFAYT" as it comes.

Ooooh, new Jim's Big Ego to download! *grabs*

Might not be nice, but it sure sounds like a nice catharsis.

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