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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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And that was that
color cycle (slow)
So that's it for the semester. My last final is done. I'm packing out my room now, as my parents will be here soon. 'Bye.

As always, I'll be off AIM for the month, as my parents have banned it.

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How do you ban AIM? Are you Amish or what?

My mother is absolutely terrified that I might wind up getting stalked and molested by those strangers on the Internets, and my father is worried more about the huge gaping system security holes that AIM opens up. I can get by with ignoring them in the privacy of a dorm room, but at home, I have no privacy- my computer is in one of the most traveled areas of the house.

So I can either push my luck with AIM, or skip it for a month in the interest of family peace. I tend to choose the second.

Are you using Internet Explorer? I think it's safe to say IE causes many more gaping security holes than AIM ever would. If you're using anything else, well that ruins the whole analogy.

I use Firefox, actually, and did so long before the whole "Wow, IE really does suck donkey balls" meme gained real brainshare. I'm to the point where I can barely use IE (named after what the first beta testers said about it: "AIEEEE") and actually have a fully functional distribution of Firefox on my flash drive (one of those little keychain thingamabobs that plugs into a USB port) carefully set to hit the disk as little as possible in case I find myself confronted with a comptuer that lacks it. (I also have the installer for the full version.)

Does it make me a bad person that I prefer running the Mozilla Suite to Firefox and Thunderbird?

Hey Kistaro,
I got your voice mail VERY late on Friday Night, Saturday Morning. Sorry about the delay...
Here is my schedule...

Saturday - Study my ass off for chemistry
Sunday - Study my ass off for chemistry
Monday - Take Chem exam in the morning, then study for Logic (Hopefully ur free in the early afternoon), then take logic exam at nite.
Tuesday - Free
Wednesday - Skip town 'til the 1st (I really wish I would be here the whole time)

Saturday is bad for me, I apologize for that. I really hope you have free time on Monday. My exam gets out sometime between 9 30 and 10 00 AM. Logic starts at 6 00 pm! Yikes...

Btw, check out this MTG combo: Candelabra of Tawnos and Thawing Glaciers, Maze Of Ith, or Tolarian Academy. It's rather fun, though it made many TKE members want to eliminate me...

How about 1:00 PM later today (technically speaking, since it's past midnight and is therefore Monday already)? And where should I meet you? My parents can drop me off wherever, so if your dorm is best, that's just fine.

Yeah, my dorm, that sounds good. Thanks

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