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So the results for CS 441 are in...


  Your homework grades are: 
   Homework 1: 75 out of 55
   Homework 2: 50 out of 60
   Homework 3: 56.5 out of 60
   Homework 4: 46 out of 55
   Homework 5: 63.5 out of 75
   441 Homework percentage: 291/305 (95.4098%)

  Your exam grades are: 
   Exam 1: 91 out of 100
   Exam 2: 76 out of 100
   441 Exam percentage: 167/200 (83.5%)

 Final exam percentage: 112/120 (93.3333%)

441 Overall Percentage:  91.4216

Your course grade:  A

Oh, and I also think I did well on today's Calculus final. I've got a good shot at fully passing the course (C- or better), and I'd be honestly surprise if I fully flunk it (F). (A D is a half-pass: I've got to retake the course, but it doesn't count for "fail the same class twice and you are dismissed".) We'll find out...

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