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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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So the results for CS 441 are in...


  Your homework grades are: 
   Homework 1: 75 out of 55
   Homework 2: 50 out of 60
   Homework 3: 56.5 out of 60
   Homework 4: 46 out of 55
   Homework 5: 63.5 out of 75
   441 Homework percentage: 291/305 (95.4098%)

  Your exam grades are: 
   Exam 1: 91 out of 100
   Exam 2: 76 out of 100
   441 Exam percentage: 167/200 (83.5%)

 Final exam percentage: 112/120 (93.3333%)

441 Overall Percentage:  91.4216

Your course grade:  A

Oh, and I also think I did well on today's Calculus final. I've got a good shot at fully passing the course (C- or better), and I'd be honestly surprise if I fully flunk it (F). (A D is a half-pass: I've got to retake the course, but it doesn't count for "fail the same class twice and you are dismissed".) We'll find out...

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You scored a full 20 points over the maximum in Homework 1?

Yep! I helped grade it. 2 TAs and a really busy professor cannot grade 60 homework assignments in two days, so Dr. Goldman allows students to grade. If you can show that you really know what you're doing on one of the questions, you don't have to write it up and then you get to grade for that question. (Dr. Goldman claims it takes about two hours; when I graded, it took me four hours, but the other person who was supposed to help grade Question 2 bailed out an hour in.) If you grade for a quesiton, you get 200% of the possible points for that quesiton.

I got a perfect score on problems 1, 3, and 4 on Homework 1, and then I graded problem 2. So I got a 40/20 on Problem 2, and in the end lost no points, so that's 20 points over the maximum.

Yay good grades! I got my first one back today (though I haven't been checking the system... hmm) - A in Drawing. Yay!

HomeworkValueOverflowException: Value 75 out of range
at user.dplass.Brain.parse(Native Method)
at user.dplass.Brain.read(Read.java:179)
at user.dplass.Brain.surf(Idle.java:13521)
at user.dplass.Body.run(Human.java:1454343)
at Universe.execute(Universe.java:594545)

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