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Judo: Flying Arm Bar

Judo class went amusingly.

If a bit small. Only me, Keiith, Mike, and Tom showed up. But a small class size was perfect for a technical class- what Sensei usually does on Tuesday. She teaches us new techniques; Wednesday is kata, and Thursday is heavy physical training.

After the usual stretching excercizes and ankle weights, Sensei had us do our jumps.

I didn't do too badly; my timing was off, and I kept jumping too late and taking the top cushion or three off the pile. But that's better than decking the whole pile, and I always hit it going up. If my timing was on, I would have cleared the pile.

Next, Sensei had us doing our standard throwing drills. Completing them (me doing better than ever, absolutely, according to Sensei), we started to put the crash pads away. Sensei stopped us, and had us try doing one-arm throws against a stiff-arming opponent. Okay, not too bad. Then we had to convert it into the Fireman's Carry.


That was difficult, but a very valuble combo; class continued.

Now we had to put a sacrifice throw on the end (and fail the Fireman's Carry.) Very difficult- and rather painful when Mike twisted his thigh. And when Tom got me in the groin with his elbow.

After we recovered somewhat, it was time for the flying arm bar.

That throw is absolutely indescribable. Essentially, you actually jump a good two feet up into the air, flip onto your opponent's right arm, and hang on until your opponent collapses. Then you do an arm bar from your new position.

I didn't get it, but it was fun to watch...

Leaving class, I looked up at the almost-full moon- and discovered a 37 degree radius (astronomically, that's actually correct) ice ring. I'd never seen one before- maybe it's related to the eclipse? Whatever, it was very very cool to see.

NEW FILTERS: I've added a "metaphysical" filter for my friends list and posts. Some people have been added already; if you see my next post, it's you. If you don't see it and magic/psi stuff interests you, please let me know. If you'd rather not hear about the supernatiural and you do see the next post, let me know and I'll modify the filter.

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