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And In Conclusion

Well, my classes for the semester are done. All that's left is a paper, a pseudomajor programming project, and three exams. Then it's a month of being consigned to boredom at home...

As usual, I've taken some slightly... peculiar... notes throughout the semester. The only difference is that this time, they were taken on a Voyage 200 because it's faster for me to type on a three-inch keyboard than try to write with my purely rotten handwriting. So without much further ado,

the highlights of my notebooks!


Converting Between Coordinate Systems
a. x = r cos(theta)
b. y - r sin(theta)
c. tan(theta) = y/x
d. z = z (duhhh)

Parametric surfaces
a. Visualize a net

A. That's right, two days of lecture lost to explaining one piece of software

The Tangent Plane
B. Behold the terrible demonic power of PARTIAL INTEGRATION (evil dramatic music here)

Object-Oriented Software Development
C. Virtual Destructors
1. Obviously, allows the destructor to be overridden, except not quite
a. This unpleasant road apple can cause serious memory leaks if it is allowed to occur
B. When to use them
1. Oh, it's just like Java, I know how the fuck to use Exceptions by now
2. Whenever something fails
C. As thrown by built in shit
D. Stack unwinding
6. catch(foobie, bletch) will catch either a foobie or a bletch- that's commas for ya
E. Hazards
1. It's a f*ck*ng GOTO!!! (Asterisks present in original, yes)
a. Obfuscates program control flow
Humor (all of these are quotes from class I opted to record)
"What color scheme?"
":color evening"
*tikatikatika* "Bloody hell!"

"Anything ELSE wrong with my code?" --Dr. Kuhns

"Problem exists between keyboard and chair."
"Your ass?" --Dr. Kuhns

"If the operating system were to segfault, would that be good or bad?" --Dr. Kuhns

"This way, you can touch privates. Private members, that is." --Mike

"Professor, I don't understand this diagram. Uninitialized and initialized seem reversed to me."
"That's because they are, which is because I'm stupid."

"That was a bastardization..." --Dr. Kuhns

"Public inheritance?"
"Holds a pointer or reference?"
"Holds an object?"
"Private inheritance?"
Luke> "Was-a."

A. C++'s general-usage algorithm and storage bucket thing
C. Why bother?
1. Much of the work has been done for you- be lazy
2. Reuse and generalize code
a. Extend the STL itself, infinite code reusageosity

B. Containers of pointers
3. Much more efficient, but runs into all the pain and carnage of general pointer violence

[alpha]. Extra indirection solves everthing (except for "too much indirection")


The Merits of Functor Objects
A. Syntax of defining one will make angels' eyeballs bleed, but they're useful sexy bastards
B. Results in VERY generalized fxns
C. Passing an evaluator to an evaluation function thingiemabopper, for example

Advanced Algorithms
Dynamic Programming
A. The art of not repeating your own work
Amusing Quotes
"Anyway, the that works is... erm, let me get my notes... uh..." *rustle* *rustle* "where are they? Well, never mind, it's not that interesting anyway."

"Because OPT gets betterer."

A. First, time complexities must be grokked
1. [theta](SQRT(n)) is not poly time!
2. If fxn needs [beta] bits of input, a fxn poly in [beta] ([theta]([beta](k)) is considered harmless
a. So what seems nifty in n is crufty in [beta]...
b. Example, [beta] = 500: SQRT(2^500) = 2^250 = 2^([beta]/2) = EXPOFUCKINGNENTIAL
b. "data wanking", "mathturbation"

2. Bounding wrongness (actually, that makes sense in context, but it's amusing out of it)

Lower Bounds
(Or, The Art of Knowing What You Can't Do, So There. Ha Ha Ha)
1. Create a bastard input
4. No computation time/space limit on adversary answer- it is S00P[SIGMA]R M@G!K ALG0 that somehow anaswers every query in constant time, no matter how much work it's doing
7. Bin-style adversarying: Represents posible informash that can be gotten from questions- for when "slap the half" doesn't cut the turkey feathers

C. C*ck*ng It Up
1. Arguing W/0 proof that something's a worst case, etc.

On-Line Algorithms

A. OLA is not to be confused with AOL

B. It's an algorithm in which decisions must be made as they occur- make a decision to stop or continue, and only after that can you see the next input
1. Sort of like non-polyamorous dating
a. I suspect that most dating rituals are, at best, 8k-competitive algorithms- clear superiority in polyamorous strategy

Present Moral Problems
Aristitotle on Friendship
b. Aristotle claims that this is the most lasting for of friendship
[alpha]. Character is less transitory
[beta]. #include "otherForms.h"
Marital Faithfulness
[beta]. Pretending to feel == feels?
[delta] Foo! I've had acting class! [beta] is w0rng!!!
Can Parents and Children Be Friends?
A. No
B. On parents shaping their children
1. "Like brainwashing?" --Mark
Humor (quotefile, again)

"But Mother Teresa got happiness from a good #2." (This made more sense in context, which is why I removed it from context.)

"The question is the mechanics: how does my butt eventually get bitten?"

"They're like, 'I don't dress well.' So what's with that?"

"'That's the straightest girl I've ever seen.' You never hear that."

Mary Wollstonecraft

A. Egad, I can't make heads or tails of this woman

Richard Mohr
(Gays & Justice)
B. Arguments about gender roles
1. In class: Fight! Fight! Fight!
F. The forms of discrimination
2. Employment and housing
a. Gays not protected under federal law, unlike race, religion, or age
[alpha]. Fuck "not protected," what's with "don't ask, don't tell"?
[beta]. The government fucking requires discrimination based on sexuality
5. Sodomy law
a. Overturned in Lawrence V. Texas
[delta]. Stricken, but on the books in some states, including Mizurrah

G. Justifications and refutation
1. General form of argument: it is somehow immoral
a. Well, duh, if it is with the descriptive sort of definition of morality- what is socially accepted
b. Descriptive: does society accept this? Fucking obviously NOT
c. But that doesn't judge whether or not the moral frame is valid
d. Descriptive: what is. Prescriptive: What, perhaps, should be.
2. Religious justification
a. But is it acceptable to inflict one's religious beliefs on others?
[alpha]. Dubya sure thinks so
[beta]. Theocracy is a real risk
3. "Unnatural"
a. Except for ducks
b. And penguins
c. Oh, and your desk, pens, and flush toilet are all unnatural
The human as a social being
A. Bah. Stupid puny humans. Allow them to tremble before my reptillian might!
a. meep
B. Aristotle: Humans have a social nature, and virtue is social
C. Liberalism
1. An it harm none, do as thou wilt
a. Tolerance r0XX0r

So that's pretty much it for the humorous lines from my notebooks. Now to chase down triton668 and give him my copy of Zelda: The Wind Whacker, since I beat it last weekend and he can enjoy it over Winter Break more than I can.

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