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Okay, one more post

All right, I said I didn't intend to spam y'all's friends pages, but sometimes there really isn't a choice.

Discovering that a Ms. Pac Man / Galaga machine has been installed in the study lounge on the third floor of Cupples II($0.25/play) is worth a post of its own.

I think it's the only actual arcade machine on campus. To be honest, what I really wonder about is how they got it in there- those familliar with the Attic (that's, like, three of you) whould know what a feat of shunting that must have been. (It's an inconvenient space with narrow doorframes and large structural support beams.)

Fortunately for the sanity of us all, the sound is off. So it doesn't really pollute the attempts to study much, except being tempting. I suspect this is the sort of thing that happens when EnCouncil is operating way under budget and they've got a lot of extra money to spend...

Also, going to drop off my Calculus homework in the math buliding (Cupples I) since I didn't have it done in time to drop it off during class (it's still not late until 4:00, as I said in a previous post), I realized my thoughts seemed to be turning towards the rodent population with general thoughts of "Mmm. Squirrel." This is a sequence of thoughts that indicates to me that it was time for more food (which I did get), but it also let me draw a few parallels to a Homer Simpson-style "Mmm. Donut." This was, predictably, followed by "Mmm. Squirrel donut." Anybody want to Photoshop that?

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