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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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When it all just comes together
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It's only the end of the semester. Today was the last day of Calculus III. So because I was running behind as usual, I didn't have the homework done. (It's not due until 4:00p, so it's not late. I'll just have to walk a whole three hundered feet to the Math Department Office.)

Only now, on this last day of class, on this last homework assignment, I finally get it. It's finally working, I'm actually doing the math right. They've finally taught us enough that I can make the connections I need, and it all makes sense now.

I am, at the moment, very glad that the final is worth approximately 45% of my grade, counting the exam grade it replaces in addition to its own 30% weight.

Also, this Mac in the ACM office has quite possibly the shittiest keyboard I have ever had the misfortune to type upon. The shift keys only work sporadically, and the spacebar physically sticks down, so I have to give it a good solid WHACK to make it actually activate, and it has to be directly over one of the sensors under the bar itself. Rrrgh.

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That's fine... I may be with Katherine for lunch... but I still want you to be there if possible... I may not arrive until closer to 12 15 though...

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