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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Why have I been so incredibly hungry lately? Over the past three days, I have been unable to remain unhungry for more than one hour, and that's if I stuff myself.

Probably related to these cramps. A growth spurt, judging by the fact that I'm growing along the Y axis instead of X and Z. Eat something, it's immediately converted to height.

At least I'm homeschooled, and my workroom is adjacent to the kitchen. Couldn't have worked out better.

*munch munch munch*

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You're homeschooled? That's interesting... we don't do that much in England, though I believe it's more common across the pond. What's that like? It must be quite different to my experiences.

I was pulled out of 9th grade after 7 years of getting beaten up daily (skipped grades 6 and 7) culminated in an asshole with a laser pointer almost blinding me. Twice. My eyes are still very photosensitive, even though that happened three years ago.

I take a correspondence course for most of my schooling, so it's not as different from public school as I'd like. Read the chapter, take the open-book test, mail it off, get results, repeat endlessly. I'm taking the GED soon, so I don't have to catch up the fact that I got very, very little done for ten months after 9/11/02 and still am not back up to speed.

Mostly, it's lonely. I sort of miss having my head flushed in the toilet; it was something I could count on.

Well, I don't really miss that part. I do miss my wonderful teachers- they really are some of the best, but it's the principal of the thing where we had the problems. He wouldn't do anything about my being attacked.

I miss the group of complete social misfits I was part of at the lunchroom; the genius, the nerd, the nerd's sister, another genius, the school bully, another genius, the black lesbian jewish girl in a wheelchair, and me. We wrote programs on our calculators, played VS "zTetris," helped each other with homework, and did unflattering impressions of the sports teams.

I guess that's why I cling so tightly to online fora. The Science Center, judo class, and the Internet are the only places where I get to talk with others- and at the first, I have to work; the second is the same set of 12 with no time for interesting discussion except as we wait at tournaments. The latter- well, you're seeing that right now...

I still prefer homeschooling to public school. I'm going to a private university if I can help it, though; I'm not homeschooling that!

I'm just going to note as a sideline first that I effectively skipped a grade along with a few others in my class, from fifth to sixth. However, I then changed schools, and did the sixth grade again. That was certainly very thrilling for me...

Open-book tests sound rather... nonserious? I end up doing such exciting things as trying to remember exactly which name is used for the process taking place in a Bowman's capsule. (Ultrafiltration; I forgot that.)

I think I would miss my teachers in those circumstances. If you have a question that's not answered in textbooks, I guess your only option is to go and search for it on the Net, and it's frequently a case of 'stare at the book until you understand' (although I shouldn't think that's a large problem in your case).

I should count myself as very lucky that bullying I've had and have tends to be that I can deal with. I have a bag on wheels; that gets kicked. I can get quite irked if that happens frequently, but it's not actually that serious. I'm not quite sure why, but I think that people tend to believe that launching physical attacks against my person is Not A Good Idea. I do not do any sort of martial art, nor have I ever fought with anyone (although I would, tooth and claw, if I was in real danger). Metaphysically I could speculate about draconic auras, but more probably it could be that they're just still unsure of their limits with me.

But that's quite enough about me; I should be posting this in my LiveJournal.

The school bully is definitely a very curious person to mention there. Was that intentional?

Yep. The school bully was part of our group, after he gave up taunting us because we wouldn't get riled up at him- if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

It was all family problems for him. He really had the potential to be a great guy- but...

You could say we rather tamed a beast that year. He ended up a respectable member of society by the time we were done with him; he also ended up as my bodyguard as I left the lunchroom, a popular place for me to get decked as in such a thick crowd, it's easy to slip away from teachers after bragging to the bystanders.

I was literally about 6 inches shorter than almost anybody else at high school. I might as well have worn a MAIM ME sign 24/7. I don't think whatever aura I subconcously cast really made one whit of difference- especially as I had been actively suppressing ALL violent or unkind tendencies, in addition to any thoughts that I might be anything other than human. So I doubt anything in that department was particularly impressive.

That's certainly very interesting. People I've come across tend to have the attitude 'if you can't beat them, keep trying' - good to see that something can sometimes be done, though.

No, I have my doubts about the aura thing. Someone might say that was it, but... meh. I have to be skeptical there.

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