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More surrealism! More! MORE!

frameacloud, hope you don't mind, but I've sorta stolen one of your ideas. Remeber how you used to have a sketchbook page up on VCL? The one featuring, among other things, the picture of your muse, yourself, an arrow labeled "Buff, eh?" to the picture of yourself, many assorted sketches, and a whole bunch of arrows pointing to "OOH! AHH! THE ONLY BLANK SPACE ON THE PAGE!" Remember that?

Well, I sorta stole the arrow gag. It's for a good cause, though! It's for the advancement of surrealism!

There will soon be a brightly colored sign adhered to a pillar in House Nine's no-purpose multipurpose room (a very large room containing one couch and one television... no, larger room than that, think a bit larger... like, most of the first floor of the building... yeah, that's it... and it's completely empty) with a whole bunch of arrows pointing to a starburst with very small text. Upon closer inspection, one can determine that in Comic Sans 5.5, the text reads "made you look!"

Whatever makes y'all think my sanity has been decreasing lately?

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