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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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More surrealism! More! MORE!
color cycle (slow)
frameacloud, hope you don't mind, but I've sorta stolen one of your ideas. Remeber how you used to have a sketchbook page up on VCL? The one featuring, among other things, the picture of your muse, yourself, an arrow labeled "Buff, eh?" to the picture of yourself, many assorted sketches, and a whole bunch of arrows pointing to "OOH! AHH! THE ONLY BLANK SPACE ON THE PAGE!" Remember that?

Well, I sorta stole the arrow gag. It's for a good cause, though! It's for the advancement of surrealism!

There will soon be a brightly colored sign adhered to a pillar in House Nine's no-purpose multipurpose room (a very large room containing one couch and one television... no, larger room than that, think a bit larger... like, most of the first floor of the building... yeah, that's it... and it's completely empty) with a whole bunch of arrows pointing to a starburst with very small text. Upon closer inspection, one can determine that in Comic Sans 5.5, the text reads "made you look!"

Whatever makes y'all think my sanity has been decreasing lately?

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Any chance you could send me some of these signs, just because I'm too lazy to make them myself? :)

Sure! Where to, and what file format? Native format is .VSD, for Visio, but if you don't have that, I can get you a WMF with the least data loss (Windows Metafile) or a JPG second- but as that's rasterizing a vector, the image will be pixelized. (I'd need to know what size you want it.) Actually, nearly any image format is open, but I can't do PSP, I don't think...

Actually, I didn't save the BOOGA BOOGA BOOGA sign because it took me all of ten secons to make, but I can easily make it again. I'll send 'em both off.

Anything Photoshop can open would be good. :) Doesn't look like WMF or VSD is in the list, though... Oh, wait. WMF opens in PaintShop. Good enough for me! I'll probably be printing on 8.5x11 paper, if that matters. inuki42 at yahoo will take up to 10MB at a time.


WMF is a vector format- instead of storing an image pixel by pixel, it's got a load of coordinates telling it where to draw lines, where to draw text, and how to fill regions. The upshot to this is that it doesn't matter what size you want it, because it scales perfectly without pixelating.

The files have been sent. Look for a message from kistaro at gmail dot com, with the subject line "Bizarre and Surreal Signage!" in case it accidentally gets sorted into your spam bucket.

I don't mind. :) I'm glad someone's using it, especially for a sort-of-culturejam object such as that.

Just don't be surprised if suddenly people start stealing the idea now... it could turn up in signs of similar nature, grafitti, and eventually in advertising.

Such are memes.

It's interesting to unintentionally create a meme. My mom says there have been a few times where she designed unique clothes for herself, wore them in the city, then a couple months later they've suddenly become fashionable everywhere.

I even found the original image- I'm quite certain you know where it is, but it's in an obfuscated directory of your site, so I won't link to it in a public entry. (If you don't want random curious people such as myself seeing a link to an image in a subdirectory, wondering if there's anything else, requesting that directory, and then getting a freely-browsable directory listing, make a "nothing to see here" index.html in it and I can't do that...)

In this case, I'm actually trying to grow a meme of surrealism. I don't want people taking the normal world for granted, so I do what I can to shake it up. I'm hoping to start seeing bizarre signs around campus that I didn't personally leave...

S'right, normally I have an index.html in directories like that, but not in that one. That's because if someone is on a journal filter linking to *one* of those images, I don't mind if they see *all* of them. Those images are just slightly out-of-the-way since I didn't care for having them in a wholly public place, such as DeviantArt or something.

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