Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor (kistaro) wrote,
Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

A good call

So since yesterday, I've been home, bored, and alone; my parents are visiting my mother's side of the family. Not a big deal; I'm staying home because I've got too much of a homework load to actually take the weekend off.

Anyway, in my mother's status update last night (yes, she does have "clingy" tendencies, why do you ask? Just because she's making sure to call her 18-year-old college sophomore four times a day when he's... oh no... home alone), she informed me that the motel we usually use has changed its policies, so every single room is too near a smoking room, or is a smoking room itself.

I have very sensitive allergies to cigarette smoke. One smoking-permitted hotel room "blights" any room adjacent to it or across the hall from it. I can't stay in any such room or I will be very sick because the smoke is too strong. And the hotel has changed the pattern, so every third room is smoking-allowed. The upshot to this is that every single room is too saturated with smoke for me, because every non-smoking room has one neighbor that isn't non-smoking...

And yes, it's one of the most dumb-assed things I've ever seen a company do. We'll be having to find a new "usual" hotel in the area for me- which is a challenge, considering that the Holiday Inn Express there was the last one we hadn't eliminated from the running- Comfort Inn for (predictably) singularly uncomfortable rooms, Best Western for terrible service (no sympathy from owner of location for being run out of the room at 3:30 AM when the heater overheated and started making an interesting sort of burny smell, making me predictably sick and causing us all to have to leave the room), and now this.

But anyway, it's a good thing I'm staying home for that- because there would be no place for me to stay in that hotel (which we had reservations for) that I wouldn't get sick.

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