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Automatic Trouble Maker

Hmm. This weekend, I recieved a rather worthless error message, apparently printed on a dot-matrix printer of some form (yikes), informing me that I'd make a mistake at the ATM.

It is an ambiguous message. So for anybody who's had experience with screwing up at a Bank of America ATM:

I got a "NOTICE OF CREDIT" in the amount of n dollars, stating that my recent ATM transaction had n more in the envelope than I entered in on the keypad.

Problem is, the error message is ambiguous. Did I miskey at the ATM, and the second amount k on the error message is the amount I actually deposited (which is what I thought I keyed in), or did I miscount, and the value k represents the number I punched in, and I deposited k + </i>n</i> into the machine? The message was unclear, and I sort of want to correctly record my finances... I'm bad at tracking my wallet, so I don't know how much was there (no luck with subtraction), but I do try to keep up my checking account.

Anybody with Bank of America experince know whether I deposited k (and keyed k - n), or deposited k + n (and keyed k)?

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