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Automatic Trouble Maker
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Hmm. This weekend, I recieved a rather worthless error message, apparently printed on a dot-matrix printer of some form (yikes), informing me that I'd make a mistake at the ATM.

It is an ambiguous message. So for anybody who's had experience with screwing up at a Bank of America ATM:

I got a "NOTICE OF CREDIT" in the amount of n dollars, stating that my recent ATM transaction had n more in the envelope than I entered in on the keypad.

Problem is, the error message is ambiguous. Did I miskey at the ATM, and the second amount k on the error message is the amount I actually deposited (which is what I thought I keyed in), or did I miscount, and the value k represents the number I punched in, and I deposited k + </i>n</i> into the machine? The message was unclear, and I sort of want to correctly record my finances... I'm bad at tracking my wallet, so I don't know how much was there (no luck with subtraction), but I do try to keep up my checking account.

Anybody with Bank of America experince know whether I deposited k (and keyed k - n), or deposited k + n (and keyed k)?

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I was with Fleet, which has merged with BoA - I can check everything online, including balance and transaction records. The way I got there was www.fleet.com, then click to their home thing, and log in with the card number and ATM pin. It may or may not work for you, but that's how I keep track of my money. :)

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