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What worries me about the Scott Peterson case
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So I haven't been following anything enough to know whether or not I think Scott Peterson is guilty. I know the media is spinning it that way, but I don't know what I think as I have no real information on the case.

What I do know, however, is that the case was notable because every single piece of evidence was circumstantial. There was no truly hard evidence. Circumstantial evidence can reasonably be used to convict; it really can be quite convincing, and it's stupid to disregard it.

But the man is facing Death Row. He is facing a death sentence. This is circumstantial evidence. I don't care how fucking guilty he is- he should not be facing execution when there is no truly solid evidence that he did what he was accused of. Life in prison- but that can be undone if new information comes to light. I don't think it's right for there to be the possibility of a death sentence when the evidence is purely circumstatial.

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Good point. I'm glad he was found guilty, but I don't want him to get the death penalty. I've been following the case since day one, and i do believe he's guilty. Even if hte evidence is circumstantial, I still believe that. But I'm not a fan of the death penalty, and I think your point is a good one. I hope it is life in prison for him. I'm not one that believes that a person who has murdered should be murdered in turn. I think a person learns a hell of a lot more about their crimes, if given that time in jail. YOu learn nothing, by simply being put to death.

um...all evidence is circumstantial, or it wouldn't be considered as evidence :P. Evidence is only evidence in the circumstance it's found in. If it wasn't, well...who cares? :D

I believe he means by the legal definition of 'circumstantial'. I'm picturing a judge's forehead veins bulging out if anyone ever attempted an argument like that on them. ;)

I am opposed to the death penalty for two fundamental reasons; one of those is that you can't bring miscarriages of justice back from the dead (although you'd better be damn sorry when people are convincted in error and released from prison too). However, I'd argue that the prospect of life imprisonment can be worse than death - the death penalty certainly gets rid of the person, but ensuring that there's no way out of the present situation could be even more torturous, if the person truly deserves it.

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