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What worries me about the Scott Peterson case

So I haven't been following anything enough to know whether or not I think Scott Peterson is guilty. I know the media is spinning it that way, but I don't know what I think as I have no real information on the case.

What I do know, however, is that the case was notable because every single piece of evidence was circumstantial. There was no truly hard evidence. Circumstantial evidence can reasonably be used to convict; it really can be quite convincing, and it's stupid to disregard it.

But the man is facing Death Row. He is facing a death sentence. This is circumstantial evidence. I don't care how fucking guilty he is- he should not be facing execution when there is no truly solid evidence that he did what he was accused of. Life in prison- but that can be undone if new information comes to light. I don't think it's right for there to be the possibility of a death sentence when the evidence is purely circumstatial.

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