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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Game over. We all lose.

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Dear God, why are people being so immature about this?
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And presumably, if I were to agree with the outcome and be loudly saying how great it is, this would be a sign of maturity. So, I presume, would be giving up my polythesitic spiritual beliefs, magic prowess, and bisexuality.
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No, I do not expect EVERYONE to agree with the outcome. I expect them to accept that Kerry did not win with a little bit of grace, without bursting into first-grader fits about how it's not fair and the whole world will go up in flames. I also expect Bush supporters to not go into a victory dance and gloat and start mocking Kerry supporters.

One man cannot change your beliefs so stop acting like he can.
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And I would like to know how you have drawn the conclusion that I have done so. I do think that Bush getting elected is a disaster, but I also suspect that we'll seee large numbers of people getting thoroughly pissed off to a degree that we might see some actual political activity in the country in an off-election year, which might actually cause things to change. Happy people rarely change the world.

Many Bush supporters, yourself included, are doing such a victory dance.

I have no idea what your concluding one-sentence paragraph is attempting to say.
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How am I doing a victory dance?

I was saying, by my last sentence, that just because one man is in office who has one set of beliefs does not mean you have to give up yours. He may do things that you don't agree with, but that's just him. If you want to change things, you can petition people and such. *tired now and can't think*

You know what...? All this arguing isn't worth it. I give up. *goes to class*
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Yes, and guess what gets petitions started? Pissed-off people. And guess how frustrated people tend to express themselves? Complaining. And what would you call a political sign?

My second paragraph was not stating that I expect Bush to inflict these things (he'll try, but he won't pull it off), just a probing of your definition of "maturity." I haven't found much beyond "agreeing with you".

It was your prerogative not to comment on my post you happen to disagree with. You implicitly accepted the risk that you would not like my responses.
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Oh, I know people are pissed off. I just get mad when they sit and whine about it instead of getting up and /doing something/. Bah.
And what would you call a political sign?
Um...what? o_O I honestly don't know what you're talking about there.

My definition of 'maturity' is the ability to recognize that sitting around and moping does absolutely nothing in improve your situation. Where on earth did I ever say that I expected everyone to agree with me in order to be mature? In fact, I believe I explicitly stated that I DID NOT expect people to agree with me. That's just stupid.

I know what might happen when I post comments.
If you didn't want people to comment on your posts saying they didn't agree with you, you shouldn't post it, or lock comments. :P
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But at this point, what is there to do other than recover for a bit, and then begin the next wave of protesting and activism? Complaining is not always the same as not doing anything.

What I was referring to is that "a political sign is a form of protest."

I don't mind being disagreed with. If only that was how the conversation started, as opposed to an insult I have yet to find the merit for.
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What insult?
I said I was tired of immaturity. If you saw that as an insult, I'm sorry. I could have said much worse :P.
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Have you heard the phrase "context-sensitive meaning?"

And that's just all. We've both had enough of this shit. Thread locked.
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I, as well as many Kerry supporters are going to be "immature" about this, but I am not ashamed of it. I feel strongly that our country is going to suffer due to a bad president. If you support Bush, that's cool. I don't agree with you, but it's cool, and feel free to gloat and do a victory dance, just PLEASE don't ask Kerry supporters like me to take this well. We need to express our extreme disappointment about this rather than suck it up and walk on.
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I still don't get the "fewer years" thing as a sensical campaign statement, but, aside from that, I'm curious how you think that the vast population of our country (and/or the rest of the world) all loses. (...unless you meant "we all" like "we-all people against Bush", in which case my curiosity is misplaced) I guess I just don't see how he alone can change the country so much in his remaining four years that condemns us to defeat.

(As an aside from this election, I am quite amazed at this result. It's unfortunate people are confusing a legal marriage with a religious one. (But you assuredly already knew that.) Like prohibition, though, we'll probably get it right eventually...(one hopes))

As I believe I stated before, "N fewer years" is not meant to make sense; it's pure sarcasm on my part.

"We all lose" is for "we the people," not "we the corporations." It's not losing some war, or some violent conflict, but our chance at sanity in the next four years, the chance at America not being forced to spend a very long time rebuidling credibility, and losing the civil freedoms the country was founded on. (Ashcroft is trying to push through legislation to make the PATRIOT act not expire.) It's really the last that worries me most.

As I believe I stated before...
Oh, sorry...I must've missed that. Okay :)

not "we the corporations."
Haven't you read the law? Corporations are people too! (If only I were joking...)

As for serious commenting:
Do you really believe that our credibility in general is so badly damaged by Bush's reëlection? Although there are countries that don't think highly of our decision (e.g France, Germany), there are those that support our decision as well. I remember back to the late 1990s when people in Europe laughed at America for our perjurous Clinton. In 2000 it was the election-thief Bush. There will always be something. Part of the charisma of the United States is that some will love us and some will hate us--the same can be said for George W. Bush, I imagine. But the media will only report one of those--there's no money in saying "oh, by the way, this town in Japan likes America and one person was even seen with an American flag flying over their door", but there is in "this town in Germany doesn't like America and one person was even seen with an American flag on fire flying over the town square fountain" or somesuch.

[I'm cutting myself off here. In any good dialogue taking turns is useful. Of course, if you'd rather not have a dialogue and instead want to say "put a cork in it kamoranakrre and go back into your little hole in the ground", that's okay too. :)]

Heh. The US definitely has charisma of some sort...

After all, everyone needs someone to laugh at. (And scapegoat.)

Indeed we do! If we can't laugh along the way, then why bother?

Very true.

However... I'd rather not be laughed at for democratically electing an idiot who wants to take away our freedoms.

Sigh. How long until I graduate and can move to Canada, again?

For what reason would you like to be laughed at? I'm sure something could be worked out. :)

Oh, don't go... If everyone gave up and left for Canada, then our country would *really* fall apart!

Hmm... I don't mind being laughed at because my brain works faster than my mouth or fingers, sometimes. (We end up with such gems as "Then it would be symmetrical on both sides!") But I don't think that works so well for a country...

Being laughed at for using the old feet-inches-etc system is okay, I guess.

And if everyone gave up and left for Canada, Canada would become the awesomest country ever and annex the US, and we'd all be happy. :D

The uproar on the marriages won't be half as bad if the marriage benefits were the same as that of civil unions..

Separate is never equal.

(1) Your sign made sense before, but it makes absolutely no sense now, except for the fact that Bush was in for 4 years and now he'll have been in for 8 years.

(2) Congratulations on getting into a flame war with someone who wasn't making the point you claimed s/he was originally. I didn't think you did that sort of thing.

(3) We're going to survive. We as a nation, we as individuals. You'll live. Don't worry so much.

1) The sign was originally intended as sarcasm, and remains so.

2) Relax. This has been brewing for months. And for that matter, I've said many times that images of me as "nice" or "rational" are rather inaccurate. This is exactly the sort of thing I'm prone to, and why I usually ban people from commenting in my journal when I see them acting like that in other journals, to avoid things like this.

3 The country will survive, although its credibility is already dead.

Over 100,000 individuals have already died. I am vulnerable to a draft. Furthermore, I have very useful and well-documented talent with computers, making me extremely vulnerable to a special-skills draft.

I could be wrong, but I believe the only drafting going on will be Magic tournaments rather than military inductions. The recent draft bill pretty much died in committee and was mostly to "stir the pot". Everyone seems committed to volunteer armed forces.

I will be 20, the first line for being drafted, in two years. I'd be less worried about being drafted if I was 20 right now, because as it stands, a draft is not immediately occuring. However, I can percieve it as being quite possible after time has passed for the situation to get worse.

I'm worried about a draft, too, given that, you know, my fiance would also be swept up in it if there were a special services draft of computer science people. I'd be worried about that regardless of who we elected president, though, because with the way things are in the world currently, there'd have been the possibility of further wars with either Bush or Kerry in office.

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