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Earth Bombarded By Rocks From Outer Space!

The meteor shower went great! Somehow, over the course of 5 hours, over 20 miles of thick clouds totally burned off. Spontaneously vanished. Disintegrated.

The skies were perfectly clear when my mother woke me up at 4:00 AM. This would usually be a capital offense, but it's a special situation. Throwing on a sweatshirt and warm pants, I went downstairs and got my heavy winter coat. The thermometer was just below the freezing mark as I joined my parents outside.

And watched Earth get bombarded by rocks from space.

This is the only time in my life it has ever been clear enough to see the Leonid meteor shower. I've never seen the Perseid, either.

The once-in-90-years version of the shower. The two-meteors-a-minute version.


My luck was incredible. Simply incredible. In the course of half an hour, I saw over nine meteors, and eight of them were dead-on. Only one was seen only from my peripheral vision. My mother had the opposite luck- she went for over an hour and a half and saw about four, most only just barely.

But there is just something so neat about seeing this blue-green streak flash across the early morning sky, and know that any given meteorr will only burn up in the atmosphere once. And just watch the light show.

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