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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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So I got back from voting. Quite the experience.

The line was only about 15 minutes long, but that's huge for the middle of the day in a very small precinct; this is one where there is usually zero wait. Four years ago, at the same time of day, they had recorded 53 votes by that point; at the time I voted today, they were at over 125.

Good thing I had all four forms of identification: two picture IDs (one with signature- expired learner's permit), my signed voter registration card, and a bank statement. All of it was demanded form me before I got to vote Misourri's butterfly ballot.

It wasn't that hard to figure out, and my punch card did not show signs of hanging chad. Punch cards are, in my opinion, one of the better votomatic arrangements- butterfly ballots make me look twice to make sure I'm hitting the right hole (I don't like consecutive blocks of active locations), but it's not really a big deal.

What was was how huge the ballot is; it took all but two columns on the card. There were the usual races, plus "Shall we fire these judges?" nine times, "Shall we fire their assistants?" the same number of times, and I didn't dare abstain for fear of an undervote discard. I voted mostly Democratic party line; the notable exceptions were the two I remember proudly advertising how they promised to "defend the sanctity of marraige". And hence the Libertarians got a pair of votes from me.

So... not much to say. I eat lunch now.

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They didn't ask for any ID from me. I just had to know my name and address. That was a bit unnerving.

Undervote discard?

We are never asked for ID. Just name and address and your signature has to match the one on the registration form.

This is a small and rural precinct.

Same here, they didn't ask for ID. I was unnerved too - I even had it *out of the plastic* like they want at the airport.

Yeah, what? Undervote discard? As far as I can tell from my two-second Google research, your ballot would only get discarded for "undervote" if you didn't specify a presidential candidate or something...although even that doesn't make sense, as shouldn't you be able to refuse to vote on presidential candidates and just vote on local candidates? You'll have to explain what exactly you're talking about, I think, and what you're basing it on.

I worry when there's talk of "undervote" due to not voting on judges, you see, 'cause on my absentee ballot I definitely didn't touch any of the judge candidates, since I hadn't been able to get to a county library to get ahold of that voter guide they had that included the stuff about the judges.

I get paranoid when the front page of the ballot says "VOTE EVERY RACE" in caps and all...

Eh. The absentee ballot didn't say anything like that. I would think it would be within one's rights to vote in an election and not vote in certain races, that's all.

Hmm, interesting - we certainly don't vote on whether any public officials should stay in office, or their deputies - we also don't usually get asked about the other issues people have mentioned coming up. It's just a plain vote-for-your-MP thing.

The vote on judge retention is the Missouri Non-Partisan Court Plan. It was started as a way to combat the rising power of the political parties influencing decisions of the bench.

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