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color cycle (slow)

Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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++p; ++p; ++p; --p; ++p; --p; --p;
color cycle (slow)
So having finished my Calculus III exam, which I think I probably did a B-ish job in, I headed back to my dorm. First, however, I had to stop for an important provision: a box of Pocky. (Which I am currently munching on, by the way.)

So I handed the critical item to the woman behind the register. "Pocky- I know it's popular, but what is it?" Her cash register emitted a *beep!* as the box was scanned.

"Biscuit sticks covered with really good chocolate."

"I know, but that's kind of weird, y'know?"

"What is it?" This was her co-worker, also behind the counter. She showed him the box. "Huh."

She swung the Pocky back towards me. But she got the barcode too close to the scanner. *beep!* *beep!* "Oh shit!" she said, pushing the "ring out" button and finding it ringing up three boxes of GLICO CHOC POK at a total of $9.63.

Not that she could just void the entire sale and start over. This register is Diebold brand, and it is exactly as user-friendly and functional as you would expect Diebold, the computer voting machine company, to create in a product. She searched her keyboard, then pushed the VOID button (*bip!*) and waved the Pocky by again, subtracting it with a *beep!*.

But then she had to do it again. Her aim was a little off- there was no "bip" of assent when she pushed the void button. The *beep!* of assent brought the total right back up to three boxes of Pocky.

"Whoops! Oops oops oops." She finally got things sorted out, did a correct sequence of "VOID" *bip*, scan *beep!*, "VOID" *bip*, scan *beep!*, ring-out.

Scanning my ID card to deduct the $3.21 from my food account, I reflected on how much easier technology makes our lives.

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*chuckles* Pocky is quite nice, I do agree. It's one of my vices. ^__^ The other day, when I was wandering around a nearby mall, I happened to see a box of giant Pocky. Each stick was about 16 or so inches long. I resisted the urge to buy a box, but still, just goes to show, pocky is rapidly gaining in popularity, and in variety available to Americans.

(Deleted comment)
*laughs* It was at a Suncoast store. Haven't seen it at any of the other places that usually carry pocky (I've been looking), so you might try checking one of those stores to see if you can find it. I should have bought a box, but being the poor college student that I am, I didn't want to pay $18 for 24 sticks of pocky, even if I love the stuff, lol.

Dude, why didn't you just go and get two more boxes of Pocky to even out the counts?! :)

Well, I don't want to tempt myself that much!

Ha, that's what I was thinking.

Also, since I've been coding in brainf**k recently, the ++p, --p sequence reminded me of it.

Yay - someone else noticed that our cash registers here were manufactured by Diebold. Ever since I noticed that I've been a bit wary of our card system, esp. considering the fact that I know several friends that had random $100 amounts disappear from their cards at various points in the past couple years.

POCKY!!! pockypockypockypockyPOCKY!!!!!!

Share? Pwease? *drools alarmingly all over your shoes*

Usually doing mass numbers of voids at once or other things reducing the balance require a manager. Otherwise it could be susceptible to a shoplifting scam where the checker scans a bunch of items but presses "void" instead of "total" and then feigns accepting payment.

(The above is based on my rather limited knowledge of cash register operations and is subject to being entirely wrong.)

I feel her pain, I'm a cashier at a supermarket here in Australia. And in reference to Kamorankrre's reply, we only need a supervisor to void if the item value is over $10 (Australia). And our computers suck just as hard as the ones you mention. Maybe it's just a universal rule, that checkout computers must suck?

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