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So having finished my Calculus III exam, which I think I probably did a B-ish job in, I headed back to my dorm. First, however, I had to stop for an important provision: a box of Pocky. (Which I am currently munching on, by the way.)

So I handed the critical item to the woman behind the register. "Pocky- I know it's popular, but what is it?" Her cash register emitted a *beep!* as the box was scanned.

"Biscuit sticks covered with really good chocolate."

"I know, but that's kind of weird, y'know?"

"What is it?" This was her co-worker, also behind the counter. She showed him the box. "Huh."

She swung the Pocky back towards me. But she got the barcode too close to the scanner. *beep!* *beep!* "Oh shit!" she said, pushing the "ring out" button and finding it ringing up three boxes of GLICO CHOC POK at a total of $9.63.

Not that she could just void the entire sale and start over. This register is Diebold brand, and it is exactly as user-friendly and functional as you would expect Diebold, the computer voting machine company, to create in a product. She searched her keyboard, then pushed the VOID button (*bip!*) and waved the Pocky by again, subtracting it with a *beep!*.

But then she had to do it again. Her aim was a little off- there was no "bip" of assent when she pushed the void button. The *beep!* of assent brought the total right back up to three boxes of Pocky.

"Whoops! Oops oops oops." She finally got things sorted out, did a correct sequence of "VOID" *bip*, scan *beep!*, "VOID" *bip*, scan *beep!*, ring-out.

Scanning my ID card to deduct the $3.21 from my food account, I reflected on how much easier technology makes our lives.

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