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SLSC Planetarium: Screaming Children

Today was interesting.

I got to work, early as usual, and went outside with my coat off, wearing only my short-sleeved uniform in 45 degree weather to put the outdoor exhibits up.

When the Planetarium opened, I had almost warmed back up, so I went up to work.

12:00: Not many people.
12:30: Not many people.
1:00: Full to capacity.

Adult:Child ratio: appx. 1:5
Decibels that most children tended to communicate at: 150
Volume of a jet engine, decibels: 140
Number of children I had to track down: 3
Number of adults I had to track down: 8


Now that I'm awake enough to add a few more notes...

Something which was fun was playing Mat Juggling. That's our term for trying to make sure that

1. all unoccupied floor mats are returned to the center
2. all piles in the center are neat and tidy
3. all sides of the projector have a pile by them
4. all visitors who need a mat have one

This is a full-time job when we get busy. It also plays a lot like a video game, which is good.

More fun was the end, where I was assigned to check the StarBridge for signs of intelligent life. The StarBridge, our top floor, is simply a ring of exhibits; the center is occupied by the top half of the dome.

Since nobody else was up there, I chose to run instead of walk. What a chance to break the "don't run in the halls" rule- a very nice, smoothly curving track of no obstacles!

Nobody was up there besides me, but I set two speed records: the fastest I have ever run in my entire life, and the fastest time for doing a lap of the StarBridge.

What fun.

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