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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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So my fate hangs in the balance, relying upon the ineptitude of my peers.

For the TopCoder Open, I'm presently fourth-in-room for Qualification Problem Set 10. The top 50 in each room pass. Why am I worried? Because I'm certain my 1100, submitted for 400something points, will fall.

That's not pessimism, that's submitting it after failing an example case. Subtracting its 400something points puts me in 35th in room.

At least competitors are distributed evenly, so 150 more people will have to sign up to kick me off, and all of the ones who fall in Qual Room 10 will have to do better than my mediocre 170something on the 200. I've got a good chance at the "Congrats, You Qualified!" free T-shirt.

As for why I submitted the program when I know it's bogus: To ask the Writer, or just someone who understands the problem, what I botched. I had to submit so it would be on the site; I figured I was unlikely to miraculously find the bug, fix it, recompile, test it, and then submit it in the 15 seconds I had remaining, so I threw it up while I could so I'll be able to show off my big algorithmic screw-up later and ask what I did wrong.

Obviously, I can't say what the problems are until the qualification round closes.

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Heh, I had the same thing in my room (room 1), I sorta got the 1k, but it wouldn't pass all the examples and I almost submitted it anyway.

As long as you saved it and compiled it with the arena, it will still show up on the site. You don't have to submit.

If it has been compiled, it will be saved on the site. (I think.)

My own experience.... heh. So, I was assigned to Set 1 originally. I did the 250 very quickly, and then went on the 1000, which I recognized... because I had seen the problem before. Specifically, it was going to have been used for the TCCC finals, as the easy problem, but when neither I nor lars solved it within a decent amount of time, it was swapped out.

Which meant I could do one of two things: take my score for the 250 only, with no ratings hit, and hope that that was enough to qualify, or try for full benefits with another set.

Hopefully the fact that I chose the latter isn't going to come back and bite me. I hope I hope I hope

Ah. That explains it. Everyone asked "how come antimatter is the leader in rooms 1 AND 2?" and the admins said "admin error/arena bug".

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