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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Simple Pleasures
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And now, I'm busy experiencing one of the best things about Washington University, or to be more precise, its culinary aspects:


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Pocky sounds just a little bit too much like Hockey to even begin to imagine any culinary aspects aside from getting your teeth knocked out by a pocky puck or something. What is it?

Cracker-like breadsticks dipped in good chocolate. I suspect that many others who read this journal might be able to give more poetic descriptions that might be able to better capture the true essence of all that is Pocky.

Oh, it's more than just chocolate! Find out more at Glico [in Japanese] or The Pocky Gallery [just some website Google pulled out].

Ah! Pocky sticks! Yes, I've had these, and I'd forgotten what they were called (besides it being written on the box). I really didn't pay attention to what was written on the box because I was far too busy opening the box to expose the delicious contents.

I never knew they were called Pocky. I just tore through it like a madman and consumed. *Mmmmm*


*goes through pocky withdrawal*

The packaging required to make a box of Pocky survive a trip from Misourri to Pennsylvania would probably be more expensive than the Pocky itself. So several boxes would be required to make it cost-effective.

Except I'm a poor student who ran thoroughly out of meal points last year. Maybe you could get someone to pay for a commission with Pocky?

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