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Things I have learned by using a bicycle on campus

1. The topology of campus completely chances when one wishes to avoid the stairs.
2. Allow extra time when ringing a little bike bell to warn a patch of pedestrians completely blocking the path, because double-takes "what was that ringing? oh, just a bike. wait, maybe I should move" take extra time.
3. Do not be too averse to taking a grass fall. It really doesn't hurt that badly, and whoever made a sudden change of path and caused you to swerve will generally be apologetic. It beats running a pedestrian down.
4. When riding a bicycle at night whilst wearing a forehead-mounted flashlight (lit, of course), people will laugh at you. But at least you can see them, and they move out of your way.
5. When contemplating coasting down a slope, estimate the speed you expect to reach. Then double it for a better approximation of the speed you will reach, even when riding the handbrake.
6. Yes, bike locks get easier to use with practice.
7. The fire code is not always right. Sometimes, the safer option is to violate it: taking a bike in an elevator beats an 11:10 PM ride down an entire four-story parking garage, or an 8:30 ride up it.

And, appropos of nothing, quote of the day:

"So you went and bought some pot?"
"Yes... NO!"

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