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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Shopoping at malls just isn't my preferred activity.

Today, my parents decided to go Christmas shopping. The fact that I was attempting to do some literature homework at the time didn't matter to them. "You can make it up tomorrow." (It doesn't seem to matter that I've told them that I had plans for playing Subspace throught most of tomorrow; I don't get to decide my schedule.) 16 though I am, they wouldn't let me just stay home by myself.

So we went, got thoroughly disappointed in the quality of what we planned to buy, and got other stuff. I got hungry, so my father accompanied me outside the store to eat the granola bar I brought.

I started to put my coat back on. (It was only 40 degrees today...) A person passing made a helpful observation:

"Your jacket's upside-down."


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You're the same age as me, Kistaro? I didn't know that; I imagined you to be a little older. That's a compliment, incidentally ;)

Apparently, mall shopping doesn't suit most males. We tend to like to go out with something in particular in mind, but a lot of those women (cue shifty glances) like to browse without actually buying very much. Supposedly, according to a book I read.

SubSpace... I should really email you about it, but I tried it out last weekend on the server you recommended. I kept getting blown up from off-screen, and couldn't understand half of what was going on, but it's interesting, to be sure :)

I recommended three separate zones...

Perhaps we could arrange a time to meet in Extreme Games. I'll then create an empty arena (just type ?go (something.that.doesn't.exist.here) to get to an empty room) and give you some training. It's pretty common.

Hmm. Email me at either address and I'll get back to you. We'll arrange some arena to meet in- just as soon as you're on the zone you want to be in, do the ?go command that we arrange. I should be there, but you may have to wait a bit, depending on what actually happens tomorrow.

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