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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Probably The Only Meme I Know Of That Could Actually Save Your Life
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Passed down from rahaeli and those other wonderful Abuse types.

Please post your full name, date of birth, full address, and telephone number (plus cell phone number, if you have one) to your journal, as the first chronological entry (backdated) in your journal, with Private security, and leave a note in your userinfo indicating that you've done so. The life you save may be your own. In the event of an emergency, LiveJournal administrators can view this information -- and please believe that it is only used in the event of an absolute emergency. But you'd be surprised how many of those there are on a service with four million users. And in an emergency situation, every second counts.

Yes, the Abuse team occasionally hears of users who plan to commit suicide, but there are other situations where having this information could possibly be of use to the police. There have been, for instance, phone posts that were interrupted by physical violence before, and other such situations. The Abuse team often gets reports of these things, and oftentimes, there is nothing they can do to help, because they can't find you.

Please take a moment of your time and make this post. Your privacy will never be violated except in absolute need, and though they hope it will never be necessary, it could prove to be very necessary indeed.

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Done. I hope it will never be needed, but it's there - along with the fact that the information given is for my parents' house, and their names.

Umm, I'm afraid I don't see the point of this at all.

The Abuse Team is capable of viewing any LiveJournal entry on the site, no matter what its security level is. When an Abuse Team Member views a private entry, it's fully audited, so don't worry about abuse of power.

By posting full contact information privately, the Abuse Team would have it availible in case of emergency. Something like a sincere and believable suicide threat (the Abuse Team does step in on those- literally, "drop everything and run for it"), a PhonePost interrupted by a gunshot or a seizure, any situation where a life is in danger- and the administrators of LiveJournal would be able to track you down, get the local police, and give full information.

Otherwise, the Abuse Team, when made aware of a credible immediate threat to a user's life (generally a suicide note- considering LiveJournal, it's not as uncommon as might be hoped. It certainly doesn't happen frequently, but it does happen), must track down that information, at the expense of critical time.

(Deleted comment)
Only you, the Abuse Team, and those who work directly with the database (that bit's unavoidable) will be able to see the entry. An entry posted at the Private security level will be treated internally almost identically to a filter-locked entry with a filter that only you are on. The only difference is that the icon is a little eye (the "Private" eye, of course) instead of a little lock.

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