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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Well, that wasn't too bad. The Novocaine has mostly worn off, but what hurts the most is actually the places where they injected me with it, not where they yanked out my teeth with a screwdriver-like object. The doctor (who's name I've forgotten) did a great job.

My speech is far better than I'd expect it to be, with half my face still numb. (Interestingly, it's the half they put less Novocaine in- the second tooth wasn't completely numb, so they had to double or triple the dose or something, but I can feel that side of my face fine.) The annoying part is that I'll still be bleeding a bit for a couple of days- and when I bleed, I have a lot of a strange sort of saliva. That's the annoying bit for me... almost drooling,

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So now for the question everyone really wants to ask:

Just how much wisdom did you lose?

--Tivo (who doesn't know, because even at his advanced age he still has all four of his.)

I had to have mine pulled, because they looked ready to do quite a bit of damage to my jaw should they grow in.

But for how much wisdom I lost? Well, as far as I know, there aren't that many brain cells in teeth. So wisdom loss would come with brain cells dedicated to catologuing the pain I'm in when not on Tylenol, except I've been spending the time reading, so I think it's actually a negative number- un-loss, so it's a gain.

Dude, its great that you have it over with. Now you get to laugh at me for still having it lingering ahead...

I'm glad it was not so bad.

Do you have an appointment to have yours pulled, by the way?

And really, it wasn't that bad. At least with my dentist. Just make sure to let it be known when the Novocaine is apparently not working...

Anyway, the 20th is approaching, and you will soon be arriving Toddlessly. (No offense to about three other people named Todd I can think of, but greatest offense directed against your brother.) What time on the 21st do you think you'd be able to wake up enough to get over here, play too much Magic, and burn brain cells on my new GameCube attached to a new television (the old one just up and died) through an S-Video cable for a really impressive picture?

Todd is a prick, and has been even in the few days I've seen him in the last 6 months. OK< aside from that, I think the 21st should work, and it would probably be a little after noon. I really look forward to getting off this foresaken island!

My dentist thinks I'm going to be one of the people who is lucky and doesn't have wisdom teeth, mainly because I don't have lower bicuspids (I think). My bottom two front teeth are followed immediately by my canines instead of the two teeth I'm supposed to have... before the canines... yeah.

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