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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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The Tooth, the whole Tooth, nothing but the Tooth
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So I get to go and have my wisdom teeth removed in about an hour or two...

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See the Glove of Doom(TM)? See it?

It's going to squish the doctor if he or she messes you up too bad. Because you're cool.

...Don't pull your stitches out laughing now.


Five points worth Absolutely Nothing if you can get the reference.

You know the only part I really didn't like about having mine pulled was the whole "have to eat soft foods" and "no straws" rules a week afterwards. Otherwise, it was cool. If they put you out, you literally blink, and it's over, and you're gnawing on a gauze pad and having a vague sense of "WTF, it's over?" afterwards.

(Deleted comment)
The longer you put it off, the more complex it will be. All they had to do to me was numb the area and sort of pry one tooth out with a screwdriver-like object, while they cut down to the other one and did the same there. I got there quickly enough, and the roots hadn't yet formed- if you wait, it will be worse.

I strongly suggest Dann Dental, somewhere in Clayton. Google for it, perhaps?

Hey, I liked going to sleep and then waking up in a confused mix of tears and giggles. Somehow everything that was said to me was both hysterically funny and immensely sad at the same time - at least for the first 15 minutes or so.

Then it hurt. A lot. And I had a very, er, projectile reaction to one of the painkillers, which didn't help anything.

But I had a close friend staying with me, and he waited on me because he's just awesome like that, and I got better.

(18, all four teeth, all four impacted, put under with nitrous.)

Ah, projectile vomiting. I can't say I've engaged in that in recent memory, although I did puke out my nose a few years back.

I bet you really wanted to know that, right?

Did the painkiller have coedine? I'm just using Tylenol- problem is, it sets off my asthma, so I've got to be careful. (For the asthma, I'll have something caffienated.) Coedine makes me terribly sick- the one time I had a cough syrup with it was the time I decided that I would never, ever, ever drink, because I suspected that what I went through was very like being drunk, hangover and all.

It was super-strength Advil (ibuprofin) and something called Vicodin, which I have horribly misspelled. Don't think it's codeine, but something in the combination set me off. (Actually, it was probably the ibuprofin on an empty stomach - I've had that reaction before with Advil. But better not to take chances.)

I think that's right for Vicodin, and yes, it contains coedine- it's the prescription I was given, but I have such a bad coedine reaction I'm having to do without.

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