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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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B0rken things
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So my MP3 player has bit the dust, and it's out of warranty. That's $45.00 and the thirty CDs of music I ripped onto there that I can say "bye" to. Both are, of course recoverable- and both take time to recover.

What's really going to suck is that I'm not going to get it back in time to be able to listen to it while I have my wisdom teeth removed.

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ewww, sorry about that. It sucks to not have one's own music. Btw, did u ever get my last reply to one of ur posts? I was wondering if you were gonna answer the question I asked...

Add LiveJournal comment notifications to the category of "broken things," then...

Where does someone get a $45 mp3 player that stores 30 CDs worth of music? o.O

Let me know if you find out. The $45.00 is how much Creative Labs wants for a repair, y'see, and the repair will involve wiping the hard disk...

Oh, one of *those* ...

No extended warranty? x.x

My advice: Screw HDD mp3 players. Get a nice Panasonic mp3 CD player like I have for $40. The batteries last for 48 hours on a pair of AAs. If it dies, you buy a new one. Burn some CDs you like and carry those with you.

It's not as "cool" as an iPod or a CL player but it's a hell of a lot more sensible and economical.

They're also a lot bigger due to Cd's being *that* big. Mp3 players can be pretty darned teeny and still pack 128mb-40gb

CDs aren't particularly convinient in a large, overloaded backpack; I've cracked the jewel case of almost every single CD I've ever tried to bring with me. The MP3 player really does work better for my purposes- especially since one of those purposes is "backing up all my homework."

Sorry to hear about it =/ I'm still in the land of cheapness (yay of college) using my three year old PDA with some recently purchased SD cards to serve as an Mp3 player of sorts...on a windows mobile platform painfully enough x.x;

I used to use my PDA for that (ha! Mine's four years out of date!), but the battery life sucked and by the time I bought a large enough CompactFlash card, I might as well have just bought an actual MP3 player.

And yes, WinCE sucks. (It's got a great abbreviation, though: "wince" is appropriate.) I tend to have to force a reboot on my PDA about every three days, because something that had previously worked decided to randomly crash.

But as an assignment book, it works well enough. Bah to those telling me I should chuck the thing out a window and spend money I really don't have to get a newer one!

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