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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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"SHIT" with a capital "FUCK"
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So apparently, discrimination is going to get written into the Missouri Constitution. There is a very good chance that I will be forced to move if I want to marry, because Amendment 2 shows very strong signs of passing by a wide margin- even if they want 2/3 to make gay marraige unconstitutional in Misourri.

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While I never realized that you had such ambitions, I offer you my condolences. 'tis a situation not too unlike being anything-other-than-Christian in the military. But, the effects on a personal level vary greatly.

Somehow, I'm thinking that we're going to have yet another civil crisis over the next few years, once it's built up a bit of momentum. Don't worry, the grass may look greener on other sides of the fence, but I've seen some f*cked up laws in other "western" countries. Each place has it's own major gripes.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. The issue has really been brewing in the back of my mind but .. this is yet another sad development on this front :(

Final tally tonight was about 71 percent -- which is disheartening, because that means even if they had a sane constitutional amendment process (a supermajority) it still would have passed.

Missouri isn't going to be the only state with discrimination on the agenda this year, unfortunately. But with any luck, the nation will at least remain a patchwork -- there will be plenty of time as the generation passes for gay rights to keep moving forward instead of fighting to hold ground. And at least there will be other states to go in the meantime -- I can think of worse reasons to move than for love.

You have to take the long view on this. All sorts of stupid things have been encoded into law in this country at one time or another, from Prohibition to only males allowed to vote, from hanging for 'witches' to 'separate but equal' education for blacks. The Japanese Internment was an abomination, but it was legal at the time. Sodomy laws have been dumped recently though, a woman's right to an abortion continues to stand, and freedom of religion is still the law.

The majority of Americans (a slim majority, but still a majority) either don't think gay marriage is a real issue or else actually approve of allowing it. It is inevitable that some states where fundamentalist Christianity is a strong force will react in foolish ways, but I see no way ultimately for the naysayers to win. The truth is, the civilized world is already moving and within a few years there will be no question.

And, I have to point out, we have gotten along very well up to now without that particular legal privilege, which is a two edged sword anyway. It creates entanglements, can increase your taxes, and complicate your finances in unexpected ways. True love and relationships do not require the sanction of the civil state. We have had stable partnerships for centuries without it, and adding marriage to the mix just means that divorce will follow, with the attendant scandals. :)

That's severely uncool. Want some help when you go kill them?

I am curious, though, if and how things are going to change now. Mass migration of gays and liberals to places that are already on the liberal end, making liberal states more liberal and conservative states more conservative? Interesting social dynamics...

Insightful way to look at it. Unfortunately such social dynamic seem rather self destructive for the country, kind of dividing into two, which defeats the purpose... It's really sad.

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