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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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So my attempts to grow long hair seem to be starting to work, but I still remain inexperienced in the realm of such. I've got no experience and nobody to directly ask for advice on growing my hair out.

1. How does one handle the problem of impaired vision? I'm planning on tying my hair back into a ponytail (and solving the problem of my entire family on my mother's side, who will probably immediately reject me, considering their long rants on the topic), but my hair's not quite long enough for that yet, and in the meantime, I frequently find my hair in my eyes.

2. My hair in back is significantly longer than my hair along the sides of my head, and because I haven't tied it back yet, it's not working particularly well. Should I have it cut to be even?

3. I fully admit that I don't know what I'm doing here. Advice, please?

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1) You could use a headband but suffer the obvious "hippy" look involved. It works as a good short-term solution when you need hair out of your eyes while engaging in a particular activity. Otherwise, until you can tie it back, the only way to restrain it is to use lots of hair spray or the like.

2) Some folks will tell you to get the hair trimmed evenly, for a number of reasons. A lot of it depends on the ultimate look you want to achieve, however. Consult someone who knows what their doing (hairstylist perhaps?), tell them what you envision, and ask for how to best achieve that.

3) It's a serious pain in the tail, growing it out. Depending on how fast your hair grows you'll have to endure a period of time when your hair is too short to tie back and too long to groom like short hair, it's a very awkward time during which the temptation is to chop it off because you look damned silly. If your'e serious about growing it out you'll have to accept this unruly stage.

As one who's spent an entire year growing her bangs out, I've learned a bit.

(1) Clips work well for holding back shorter front hair, but that may not work so well, considering you're a guy. Headband is the other solution.

(2) You could also try pushing hair behind your ears once it gets long enough in the front. That's what I've been doing for quite a while now.

It's been a long time since I coped with short hair (it's been past my waist since 3rd grade), but I'd say tie what you can back and keep the rest out of your face with barrettes or a headband or a baseball cap or something. It's going to drive you crazy either way, but that might minimize it.

You can also teach yourself to french braid your hair, since you can successfully put up really short hair into two french braids without too much trouble. Apparently, though, the fact that I taught myself to french braid my own hair is just another example of my freakish talent for picking up random home-making skills and isn't something that normal people are usually able to do. So that might not be an option, and on top of that might not be worth the frustration.

But a ponytail and barrettes is fairly easy, I think.

Ahh, that semi-grown-out-hair stage...

Headband. Definately. I'm not sure how you feel about it, but I can't think of any distinctly macho ways to deal with semi-grown-out-hair, other than hairspray. Hairspray's evil, and wearing a headband probably isn't going to alter how people already perceive you anyway.

There's a few kinds of headbands. There's the horseshoe-shaped kind that's usually made of hard plastic- but those are uncomfortable, and might look embarassing. There's the broad cloth sweatband that's worn around the crown of the head- that's the wrong direction to keep everything out of your eyes, though.

What worked for me when I was growing out my hair was a very narrow stretchy cloth headband- the width of your finger or less- that's a full circle, like the sweatband, except you wear it vertically, like the horseshoe-shaped headband. The bottom of it goes under the back of your cranium. Since it borders your whole face, it keeps everything out of your eyes- not just the bangs, but also the hair from the sides, and any of the long hair venturing around from the back- I still can't believe how well it works for that. I've never known it to spontaneously fall off, like all the other hair-things I've used. It's practically unnoticeable, too, since it's so narrow and plain. As I said, it's perfect. They sell them at drugstores. You won't need it once your hair's long enough for a ponytail, but you can use the headband as a ponytail holder later by wrapping it around a few times. Improvising one out of string may or may not work- I think the headband's stretchiness might be part of what makes it stay on.

Shove it back behind your ears. Then again, that icon of yourself you used a while back, your hair seems rather curly? Also depends on how you part it, I assume. Or you could just wear a beanie, like the kids who rip their clothing to make themselves look poorer than they actually are... :D

Prefacing this with both "I'm a girl," and "I've had long hair since 5th grade," suggestions.

When I was growing out my bangs, I wore a headband for a year. Not one of those really cheap plastic ones, though - I found some nice, padded, cloth-covered headbands that actually looked pretty good. So that took care of the hair-in-eyes problem. (My hair's very straight, which helped. (Top left two are quite recent, rest are older.))

If you don't like the headband - a hat would be fairly effective, and doesn't look out-of-place most of the time. Invest in one that's expressive of you and that's sturdy enough to put up with your life, and before long you'll wonder why you didn't start wearing one earlier. (My personal favorite, from my collection - a green hat with "Don't Know" on the front, and "Don't Care" on the back. Unfortunately, it's somewhere in the Pacific. :( )

As far as the hair-of-different-lengths thing - I'd say it's never too early to start training it into a ponytail. Get some hairties that you like (try a few kinds, get some that won't rip your hair out), and start taming it. This will also help somewhat with the mullet look, though that's almost inevitable for guys growing their hair. (A friend went through exactly the same thing - but now it's long and looks really nice.)

This is an important one, especially if your hair's significantly curly - start using conditioner as well as shampoo. Once hair hits about shoulder length, it starts becoming impossible to pull a comb or brush through, even with stick-straight hair. A bit of conditioner, worked through the longest parts at least, will help that. It might not be a bad idea to carry a comb/brush around, especially on windy days.

It's been my experience, watching people (mostly guys) grow hair out, that curly hair straightens itself as it gets longer. (Though that doesn't stop most of my friends from wanting my hair...) I've never seen it get perfectly straight, but it definitely goes from curled to wavy.

Good luck with it. *wanders off muttering something about high school, college, and long hair*

This is an important one, especially if your hair's significantly curly - start using conditioner as well as shampoo. Once hair hits about shoulder length, it starts becoming impossible to pull a comb or brush through, even with stick-straight hair.

Hell, my hair's maybe two inches long, max, and it's already impossible for me. Conditioner is definitely a YES.

I've found, from experience, that headbands do a very effective job of pulling my hair directly into my face. I've been pretty much using limeonaire's suggestion of "shove it behind your ears", although that is- apparently, from my making this post- only moderately effective at best.

I think I will see how what I can get in a ponytail looks at the moment, because I might be better off than I think, considering that I got my hair caught in the zipper of my backpack yesterday.

As for conditioner: Let me know if you find an unscented one. Scent of all forms makes me extremely sick; my family has had to special-order the only unscented shampoo we can find.

And my hair used to be straight. It sure ain't now...

Big grin from one with years of experience. My hair has been long most of my life. I last visited a barber/stylist in 1979 and last did any serious trimming myself in the 80s sometime.

You have a lot of options, actually. It depends on your activities of the day, the weather, and your attire. The good old baseball cap, or a sun visor can be very helpful if you are going outdoors into sun, wind, or rain. A sweatband is fine if you are engaged in any physical activity and no one will look askance at it. Cowboy hats work too, if they suit your disposition.

During a period when I was letting formerly trimmed "bangs" grow out to full length, I resorted to the bobby pin. You can get those in a color to match your hair, they stay in well and you only need one or two to keep it out of your face. Properly inserted they are almost invisible. I seem to recall seeing a photo of you at some point in your icon: you have dark hair and lots of it, if I'm correct, and that will make it easy to put a pin or two in without being obvious.

Living where you do means you will get some flack, I'm sure. But these things have generally become more accepted than they were when I was your age. In Chicago you can see pony tails on bankers, stock brokers, and lawyers. I find it most amusing that the blue collar types, particularly construction workers who used to harrass long haired men constantly and call them "sissy" and "queer" now have very long hair more often than not. In fact, in my area it would be the gays who are most derisive about long hair on men, apparently some sort of overcompensation macho has kicked in there.

Fundamentalist Christians sometimes become abusive about it, claiming that the Bible tells us that men should have short hair and women long. Unless you subscribe to their particular religion, the simple answer is "I don't believe in that." As a Greek scholar myself, I can tell you that the passages in question are not of great significance, and like so many Bible quotes, they are being taken out of context and exaggerated. One that used to be tossed around back in the 60s and 70s is from Revelations, actually refers to "wool" rather than "hair", and is a description of the "lamb". Speaking as one who raises sheep, I can tell you that analogies that compare humans to lambs or sheep are definitely an insult to our intelligence and character.

Oh, and the conditioner suggestion is right on. Straight, wavy, or curly, you will need a conditioner at least a couple of times a week if not more often. And if you're in the habit of using only a comb, get a good quality natural bristle hair brush and start using it. Combs will break and split too many hairs. As it gets longer, you will learn to brush the ends first, then gradually work upward with longer and longer strokes.

Anyway, and for what it's worth, I approve of your decision to let it grow natural. Good luck with the family issues.

I have one word to say to you. MULLET!

(J/J, hopefully obviously)

*whacks you with inflatable baseball bat*


Wish I had some advice to you about growing your hair out, but all I did was stop cutting it back in September 2002. Had to suffer through the Bad Hair phase of having it stick out on the sides and stuff.


Aye, I deserved that, but with how much people were kicking around other generally false sites, I figured I was better off keeping this decoy site from distracting people too far. ]B=8P

Out of curiosity, how long did it take before

1. you found my post on the Wiki?
2. you associated it with me?
3. the original message observing your site was put on the Wiki?

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