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I like to put weird pairs of words- pairs only- into Google. It's calld "Googlewhacking," and it's a popular sport.

It's simple. You win iff (math-speak for "if and only if") you get one, only one, exactly one, no less than one, and no more than one search result. Exactly one website to use that pair of words.

While winning can be amusing, sometime's it's scary what's out there.
diahhrea precognition: 53 results
telepathich disqualifications: 3 results (Pretty Good)

flatulent botany: 418 results (not linked for reasons of decency)
removable brontosaurus: 120
bletcherous froody: 1 result

Victory is mine at long last!

Oops. I didn't know that h3s caused LJ to mess up a Friends page. Fixed.

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