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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Fist full of fives
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I have this really, really bad allergy to cigarette smoke. I cannot be in an environment with even moderate amounts of smoke for any period of time without being sick; I immediately become almost unable to breathe.

So against all regulations, there's someone smoking in the dorm. I can't get out into the hallway of my suite- even with the air cleaner in the common room- without choking; I'm stuck in the direct outflow of my room air cleaner. There's some smoke smell even just near the door to my suite.

This would be the first time I've had to dial 5-5555, the campus police number. Be annoyed at me all you want for "tattling" on whoever it was, but I can't fucking breathe in my own living space up here.

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Yeah, I noticed over the weekend that there was someone around smoking in the stairwell, 'cause I could smell it when I walked back to my room Sunday night. I rather enjoy a light smell of smoke, but that does suck for people who are allergic - two of my suitemates this year were allergic to smoke, so I understand what it's like a bit better than I used to.

Anyway, go you for actually standing up for your rights and calling the police. People ought to do more of that around here...but I'm a hypocrite...

Hey, tattling is defined for being something trivial for all parties. Unless I sprout wings and the ability to hold my breath for nine or ten hours, breathing will not be trivial to me. Nor will it be trivial to those whom I'm around (ASAIK).

You had to call in authority? Tsk-tsk. You should have found out who it was, and then offered "incentives" via the destruction of their material belongings. This also gives you time to educate them on what kind of material belongings are useless, such as $200 nike runners and such.

There exists a large difference between tattling and defending your health/safety. I think mose people should understand this. You certainly did the right thing. For the record, I fucking hate cigarette smoke.

P.S. I have been having fun with the magic workstation create your own card. Now all I need is some art to go with it...

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