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Why Yard Sales Rock
color cycle (slow)
Since I didn't have a lot of homework this weekend, my father and I decided to go yard sale surfing. Actually, we only hit one place before finding something, but it was worth it. It was the last hour of the sale, so the homeowners had everything half-off.

$0.25: Little tiny Rubik's Cube
$0.75: High-quality document holder
$10.00: Fully functional color television w/ remote, screen approximately the same size as my computer monitor
Subtotal: $11.00
/ 2
Total: $5.50

There's something cool about getting perfectly good television for five bucks.

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Found a case for CD's at $1 once. Not as awesome at a TV for $5, however.

They must have been desperate to get rid of stuff. :-)

O Yard Sales, how I miss thee...

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