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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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So I got assigned to Small House 9.

For the curious, that's the worst housing possible. It's away from the South 40 where everybody else is, the room is about the size of a freshman single, it's communal bathrooms. The place used to be a frat.

The only upshot is that it's $1,000 less than most other single rooms and is in fact the cheapest, but that worries me more than comforts me. That and the fact that I can find very, very, very little information about such housing on the web site.

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[first thought] Didn't that used to be the Sigma Chi house, or am I imagining things?

That's 10. House 9 used to be Alpha Pi Epsilon.

I somehow like how that spells "APE".

$1,000 less in total or per month? And well...might consider some serious home renovation if it's truly that bad for living.

$9xx less total; it's $6,4xx for the academic year instead of $7,3xx (for unknown values of xx, xx, and xx).

There's nothing I can do about the housing assignment. I got the worst possible lottery number, and I was too much of a loser to find enough people to get a Round 2 suite petition with, and they had to put me in a single for health reasons (my asthma), so I'm stuck there.

At least it's a bit closer to the engineering complex than the South 40, but not a whole lot. It's adjacent to the Athletic Complex, which is cool; it's part of Frat Row, which is most decidedly not. (Think nightly loud thumping parties and puking drunk people who think vandalism is funny.)

$1,000 less a month actually would make it worth it, seeing as how that would result in a negative number and they'd be paying me.

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