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color cycle (slow)

Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Notebook comedy
color cycle (slow)
A common feature of my notebooks is a tendency to get silly. Far from being a bad thing, I've found that it makes a class more memorable for me. It also makes for interesting things to post to LiveJournal.

Things in pre tags only to make formatting less painful for me. My handwriting isn't really that neat. Furthermore, the infinity symbol is rendered as "oo". Integral signs will usually, but not always, be rendered as "[S]". Margin scrawls outside of my standard outline format are denoted with TOP], LEFT], or RIGHT].


I. Class Data
  A. Dr. Blank got the platform in the room installed
  B. Dr. Blank hates the textbook
  C. Dr. Blank has earned his nickname "Professor Tangent"
  K. Material
    1. Integration, Integration, Integration
    2. App of Int (this chapter sucks)
    3. Diffy Q
    4. ooSeries
TOP] Greek letter xi                All d/dx rules are
     ("loop, loop, buttocks")       Newton's fault
(Undefined vars are ANYTHING and are happy)
II. Integration Basics
    (image removed)
    Suddenly, it all makes sense
  E. Remember Mean Value Thm:

LEFT] integral
        / \    differential
        |          |      
         \     X   dx  ==
          |    |          \
        \_/  integrand     equals, you dumbass

  F. [S]: The True Holy Sigil of the Hyper-Froody Integral

TOP] LeCtUrE 1-2
Find relation to arcfoo and arccofoo
                        foo(arcfoo(y)) = y

I. Solving for arcfoo
II. Integration: The Area Problem
  A. Solves for arbitrary things, really (sort of)
  B. (image removed)
  C. Approximateion of area: rectangular fill
    1. Sharply sided figures have definite areas
    2. Fill curve- almost- with figures of clear area
    3. The Holy True Godly Integral: filling it with an infinite number of rectangles
III. Solving integrals
  A. Limit can be infinitely fugly
  C. The Slow Approximate Way: Calculate n areas, add them
    1. That becomes unhappy at infinity

TOP] Lecture 1-4
                   [xi]: "xi"
 I have conquered my phobia of Greek letters

I. Area functions
  E. Fuction is area under a curve between specified points
    1. duh
II: More shiznit about about FTC
  A. FTC2 gives antiderivatives
    1. That only sounds useful
    2. To evaluate the formula in FTC2, you need an antiderivative.
       a. So it gives an antiderivative... if you give it an antiderivative.
       b. AGGH!!!! WHEN DOES IT ALL END???!?!?!?!!??!
       d.         meep
V. The erf fxn
  A. Nominee for "best math name ever"

TOP]2-1 "There's no algebraic way to make any sense of that." --Dr. Blank

I. Teh Substitootin' Rule
  K. Doesn't have to be "u"; "w", "v", "fhqwhgads", or perhaps "[:)]" works for symbol

II. Chapter 2: Methods of Psychology
  B. observation --> theory --> hypothesis --> check --> publish --> $$$
  C. The Lessons of Clever Hans
    1. People are essentially gullible... people are essentially dumb
Lecture 1-4
IV. Three Perspectives of Learning/Psychology
      iii. going home --> needing to take a piss (as described in class)
       i. B. F. Skinner (had a huge fugly forehead)
     b. "More simpler" than classical conditioning
TOP] "Classical is not just behaviour- wait... uh, operant- uhm, classic- shape- bargle zeeb flomp?"--Classmate

All right, so I've got less for Psychology. It's easier to insert comedy into mathematics...

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You're amazingly awesome. :D

Oh my GOSH I wish I took notes that well.

Ξξ, ∫, and ∞ if you like. (Yay for Unicode!)

Unfortunately, ξ doesn't look quite "xi" enough; a computer does not properly render it as "loop, loop, buttocks" since the character simply isn't tall enough for the loops to be clearly shown. That and the characters don't properly render on some browsers.

Oh, and I don't know the codes, but that's entirely beside the point.

Don't like the font? You're welcome to change it. That *is* ξ (xi).
(I don't know that there are codes for the symbols. Since LJ is UTF-8 I just copied them out of the Character Map. (The Greek I type straight in, having added the keyboard layout.) Any decent browser since the later 1990's should render them quite well...

--Καμορανακρρε Τ. Ευαελιτεναν

Heh. "Simply Irresistible" is now in my head, because I wrote the following parody in school:

Use u-substitution or the inverse chain rule
But if you forget the constant then you'll feel like a fool
Be sure to add the constant c
When you find a...
Indefinite Integral

This gives you an idea of exactly when I learned calculus, or at least it would if you were alive and sentient when "Simply Irresistible" was on the radio.

You should write a math book. It'll be the first book to be number one on both the science AND the humor charts!

I'd be more confident writing a math book if this wasn't a retake because I got a C the first time.

My professor, however, is indeed writing a math book. He is taking suggestions from his class...

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