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Psychology 100B

So my first day at class went quite well. I did discover why Dr. Brian Blank (Calculus II) has sometimes been called "Professor Tangent," but for the 2/3 of the time he stayed on topic, he was a very good lecturer. I think I stand a good chance of fixing my grade.

There was a bit of a nerve-wracking beginning to the class- as only three people showed up and Dr. Blank threatened to cancel the class if at least two more people didn't show. It seems he only gets paid if he's teaching a class of at least five. But they did show, and two others besides them, leading to the smallest summer Calculus class in ten years, and it's still tied at that: seven people.

Psych 100B was interesting. I found myself in the minority: people who aren't high school students. 30-person Psych beats 300-person Psych, so the summer class should work.

Amusing thing after class: I went up to ask about the content of the exam, and how much I should worry about memorizing the names of particular historical figures mentioned in the book, because I'm really bad at that. I was informed that there was little to worry about; there were a few questions, but not many. I asked if it was multiple choice, as I do fine at linking names and achievements together, but given only one, I have a hard time getting the other. It's multi-choice.

But that piqued his curiosity. So he asked me a few more questions, and then diagnosed me as a textbook case of high-functioning autism. He then showed me the page in the textbook. This amused me, especially considering that I already knew I was in the category in question; I simply never had a professional diagnosis. I think that counts.

The upshot to this is that I don't have to worry about my usual sensitivity to my environment when I take the tests for the course, as he'll arrange for me to have my own room with a fan going for white noise. I didn't even ask, since earplugs were a functional, albeit imperfect, workaround, but this also works...

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