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Dental Dilemma
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According to the dentist, I'm going to have to have two wisdom teeth pulled "as soon as possible." The concern isn't crowding- but they're coming in at an angle, so I'd have a hard time brushing around them properly and be prone to infection. The immediacy is so the root of the tooth doesn't form- the less of it there is, the easier the removal is.

I am still not particularly happy about this.

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Eh. Sucks, but don't let people build you up. When I had to have all four wisdom teeth out (impacted, fully under the gum), I was hit by horror stories about having wisdom teeth out left and right.

The people who told me those stories caused me more distress than the actual removal of the teeth or anything that came from it did. Easily. That's not to say that you won't end up with a horror story but I would not count on it! (Granted, since they were all impacted, they did put me under - but - afterward, I took tylenol, just plain acetaminophen. I had a prescription for a stronger pain killer, but never took one of them.)

So, yeah. Annoying, and you'll probably have to keep it clean (which is tedious and annoying, but no worse, IMO) and remember not to suck straws for a while, if you've the same luck I do. But don't let the horror stories convince you it will be bad. :P

Hope it goes smoothly for you! :)

I had the same experience. All four out at once (the N2O was fun!), and I didn't need any of the pain killers they prescribed. I just used this mouthwash stuff they gave me to rinse with to prevent infection, and that was it. 24 hours later I was eating fairly normal food again, albeit gingerly, and 72 hours later I was pretty much back to normal.

I imagine it doesn't go quite so smoothly for most people, but I think most of the horror stories are probably exaggerated.

Same situation, but took me longer to recover. (Partly because my boyfriend was in town taking care of me... ^^) Beware of taking any ibuprofin-type stuff on an empty stomach! Unpleasantness ensues.

The nitrous is fun, though. ^____^

The younger you are, the easier. I'd say, go for it. Do you (your parents, your college) have dental insurance?

My experience was similar to lars0, but I had a little longer recovery when I had 2 out on the same side.

If they are coming in now, the dentist is probably giving you good advice. I'm not so sure about digging out impacted teeth, but if they are "crowning" and not straight, get them out soon.

I still have all four of mine at more than twice your age, but that's because I was told they were impacted and would never come in. They did, though, when I was about 35. It took eight months of considerable discomfort (I don't remember teething as a baby, but if it was anything like that no wonder little kids get grouchy about it.)

I had all four of mine out (three impacted to various degrees) earlier this year. It's not so bad. Just keep the holes cleaned out, follow directions, and make sure you do what they say to stop the bleeding on the first day. And take the medicine. And get some books and movies ahead of time.

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