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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Summer Housing
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So my parents and I happened to be in the neighborhood of Washington University this afternoon, so we dropped by to see if they had any information about my housing assignment. I had signed up for a single, but I wanted to be sure I had one- with asthma, I really can't have a roommate, so if a problem was about to happen, I'd want to know before the day before.

"Uhh, let me look it up here. 'Adam' is your first name?"
"All right, let's see..."
*keyboard typing sounds*
"You're in a double."
"Uhm, I registered for--"
"By yourself. You have no roommate. You will therefore have the entire space."

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Yeah, there are a lot of people in "single" doubles this summer, apparently. Two of my three suitemates are in those, and the other is in a single like mine, for instance.

Though who knows? That might change in a week or so, depending upon how many people show up for Sessions II/III.

I was wondering how a freshmore... sophoman? Uh, in-between "freshman" and "sophomore" wound up with such a housing accomidation.

Part of what I'm looking forward to for the summer: having suitemates who are actually potentially interested in actual learning, instead of merely drinking. Because they wouldn't be there for summer otherwise, right?

Although I know myself: I'll be paying for that nice room. I'll probably wind up the floor's computer tech- not that I'm complaining.

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'Twas many a night I got to hear the melodious sounds of one or more of my suitemates puking up an evening of partying.

My first year I had one of them from December to May - I lived on a special interest floor, so the only way someone would have moved in with me was if they applied to the floor and was accepted. No one did, so I was paying double room double occupancy rates for a double-as-single. Same thing happened to my boyfriend this year - roommate moved out partway through the winter, and no one else needed the space, so he had the room to himself. Both times, he and I ended up basically sharing the half-empty room, so I feel confident that I can live in an 11' square apartment room with him next year. :)

That's great luck, though. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a lot of them, because summer sessions are slow, but still. Have fun!

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