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How I Spent My Day

Exhausted: adj. Said of someone who went to a Fifth Dawn Prerelease Tournament and proceeded to play Magic: The Gathering for seven hours straight in an under-air-conditioned room with over 120 other people. (Room rated capacity: 70.)

Cool: adj. Said of getting the most valuable card in the set at a prerelease tournament. (Bringer of the Blue Dawn...) And then getting a close runner-up. (Bringer of the White Dawn)

1 Vault of Whispers (MR)
1 Seat of the Synod (MR)
8 Island
1 Ancient Den (MR)
5 Plains

1 Regress (MR)
1 Thirst for Knowledge (MR)
1 Looming Hoverguard (MR)
1 Advanced Hoverguard (5D)
2 Into Thin Air (5D)
1 Bringer of the Blue Dawn (5D)

1 Stand Firm (5D)
1 Raise the Alarm (MR)
1 Skyhunter Prowler (5D)
1 Stasis Cocoon (5D)
1 Bringer of the White Dawn (5D)

1 Talisman of Impulse (MR)
1 Vulshok Battlegear (MR)
1 Clockwork Beetle (MR)
1 Steel Wall (MR)
1 Gold Myr (MR)
1 Leaden Myr (MR)
1 Opaline Bracers (5D)
1 Baton of Courage (5D)
1 Energy Chamber (5D)
2 Pentad Prism (5D)
1 Skyreach Manta (5D) [foil]

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