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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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On Fortunate Finds
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I just bought a Core Set booster pack (Magic: The Gathering, of course.) My rare?

Wrath of God.

According to the price guides, that's worth $15.00, which is not a bad pull from a $3.18 (after tax and student discount) booster pack.

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You play too, eh? We should play over the internet sometime. There's this freeware windows program that lets you do such.

"Apprentice," isn't it? I need to dig it up.

Does it support morph?

I'll start putting one or two of my decks in sometime; I'll put it in exactly as the real physical deck is, without making any of the "if I had this card..." tweaks that are so easy to make...

I think it does. If you came on AIM sometime we could talk and perhaps play a game.

Hold shift while playing a card to place it face-down...

I just downloaded it, installed it, and slapped my "Draconic Artifice" deck together. I actually should be cleaning my room, but I might be on later...

$15? Sonofabitch. I used to have one of those. I think I gave it away when I quit playing.

Mm, my attempt to talk to you on AIM was rather curtailed by the fact that my mum was dictating an email to me at the time. Oh, well.

NICE pull. Nice, solid pull. And it's cool to see that WoG is still around. I thought it got outsourced to all its varying permutations.

Not WoG... only poor little Counterspell.

One of my friends just recently got me into Magic: The Gathering. I bought myself a Darksteel starter deck and have played and lost two whole games so far!!! ^_^

Trying to play Magic: The Gathering with a single starter deck is like trying to play chess with an army consisting entirely of twelve pawns.

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