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color cycle (slow)

Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Deck, remixed
color cycle (slow)
My favorite Magic: The Gathering deck is named "Draconic Artifice," a red-black-artifact deck based around cheap modular artifact creatures and cheap direct red damage stringing me along until I hit seven mana, at which point I start droping a certain variety of 5/5 flier. That motif has been increased with interesting trades, and the deck has enough actual dragons in it for Kilnmouth Dragon's amplify to have real meaning. (Kilnmouth Dragon gets +3/+3 for every other dragon you have in your hand when you cast it; I can regularly get him out as 8/8 and almost got him as an 11/11, but triton668 countered that one for some strange reason.)

Anyway, I've remixed the deck; I've taken out almost all the black for more red direct damage. I still have two black cards in the deck, and I am unwilling to remove either: Mephitic Ooze (0/5, +1/+0 for each artifact you control (I usually make him 5/something), if this blocks or is blocked by a creature, destroy that creature at end of combat), and Bladewing The Risen. The former costs 4B, and the latter is 2RRBB. I also use Skeleton Shard, which is activatable for 3 or B. So for you Magic: The Gathering players out there: how much black mana do I need in my deck? I had previously been playing with eight (not counting Talisman of Indulgence), but I just took out two Swamps for a pair of Mountains, so it's currently at six. For a deck that lightly "splashed" with an auxillary, color, is that reasonable?

Note that the mana deviation in the deck isn't generally a problem. I do have a lot of specific red mana, but I also have a whole lot of artifacts who really don't care...

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Keeping black in your deck for just two black cards is... a bad idea. I've tried on several occasions to make a deck that had just a few of one color for flavor. Twenty percent of the time it'll work out. Forty percent of the time you'll get the land you need, but the cards won't come up, and thanks to that odd-colored land you won't be able to pull out your normal spells. Forty percent of the time you'll get the card but not the mana. Frankly, it's just not worth it.

Your focus on artifacts might stave off that first setup, but two black cards is still a very iffy deal, even if they're good ones. There are enough straight red dragons out there to substitute Bladewing - heck, red is THE best with dragons.

Are you building your deck with a Type 2 restriction? If so, I can't really suggest anything specific, having absolutely no knowledge about what's in the modern sets. I do suggest something along the lines of fast, strong red creatures to substitute for your Ooze and Bladewing. Your Mephitic Ooze is nice, but you can already take care of creatures in your way with your direct damage. And with two black mana required to pull Bladewing out instead of one, that makes it a hard one to pull off - he'll end up sitting in your hand to feed your Kilnmouths more often than appearing on the table.

And, I'm so glad that I'm not the only dork that names their decks. But then again, your name is a bit more dignified. My favorite deck is just a little blue/white control deck affectionately titled "God Dammit!" by most people I used it against. *grin*

I've got a black/blue control/whammy deck named "Death Of Options." It was a better name when black had a zombie motif going, but I don't actually have enough strong zombies to support it; I've gone for other general black threats instead of zombies that support each other. Maybe if I get a few better ones I can go back to the original plan. It also sports sufficient quantities of my favorite mechanic; morph is so much fun.

My green/white Elf/Aven deck is named "Phlwppblt", because it's built around Taunting Elf and everything I've got to make him invincible. It's like saying "Your opponent can't block anything that actually does damage." There's something fun about making an opponent block a 0/1 with Inviolability with a 0/8 Wall, another 0/8 Wall, a firebreathing/5 wall, another firebreathing/5 wall, two goblins, and a Roc, while 2x Wirewood Guardian makes it through entirely unhindered...

Then there's my mono-green so-far themeless deck named "The Green Party." Its only notable achievement so far has been killing five creatures with a Wall of Wood, then overruning my opponent with 12 1/1 Squirrel tokens. (The 0/3 wall got Vulshok Gauntlets (+4/+2 does not untap), Druid's Call (put out a squirrel for each damage this thing takes), and a whole buttload of other enchantments and Equipment I can't remember, and then triton668 kept forgetting about the wall and attacking with wide varieties of creatures- killing them and giving me squirrels when I remembered about Druid's Call.)

*grin* Well, as long as we're sharing decks... I've only got two others around. The rest of my collection is somewhere in storage with my parents.

"Green Party" needs to meet up with "Bio3." Pestilence is the name of the game, teamed up with Urza's Armor (all damage is -1, and since Pestilence hits for 1 per pop...) and white's fun habit of keeping damage at bay.

My only other deck is "Rock!", an admittedly subpar red deck that gets nastier as the amount of mountains in play increases. It needs much tuning.

"Phlwppblt" sounds like a nasty one... I knew Taunting Elf and the like were hideously abusable.

What's "morph" do? Again, I'm hideously behind the times an old-school kind of guy.

Morph (Cost): Instead of casting this creature the regular way, you may pay (3) to cast the card face-down. While the card is face-down, it is a 2/2 colorless non-artifact creature with no name, type, or special abilities other than "(Cost): Flip this card face up." This occurs with the speed of an instant, but cannot be responded to. (Back in your ancient parlance, that's "interrupt." As of Sixth Edition, all interrupts are instants.)

It's a very effective trick, especially as several cards have special things that happen when the card is flipped. Imperial Hellkite, for example, which is in Draconic Artifice:

Imperial Hellkite- 5RR
Creature- Dragon
Morph 6RR
When Imperial Hellkite is turned face up, you may search your library for a Dragon and put it into your hand. If you do, shuffle your library.

You can see how Morph is a very fun mechanic.

By the way, what sort of card nicknames do you use? The most common one is "Mister Shit" for Darksteel Colossus. This is because it is the only eleven-mana card that tends to get played with in our play group:

"I tap eleven mana..."
"Oh shit."

So "Mr. Shit" seemed appropriate.

Darksteel Colossus: 11
Artifact Creature- Colossus
Darksteel Colossus is indestructible. ("Destroy" effects and fatal damage do not send it to the graveyard.)
If Darksteel Colossus would be put into any graveyard from anywhere, shuffle it into its owner's library instead.

"Mr. Shit" is asking for a visit from "Hippy Crap", or Pacifism if you prefer. Hee hee.

Most of my nicknames for cards are for just the little stuff that sees a lot of use. Counterspell is "No", Dismiss (2UU, counter spell and draw a card) is "No thank you". My favorite creatures ever, "Avalanche Riders" (3R, 2/2 Haste, Echo [pay its casting cost next turn or bury it], destroy a land when it comes into play) are affectionately known as The Dudes. Annoying surfing accents follow them into play.

Better than Hippie Crap, try "Domineer."

Domineer- 1UU
Enchant Artifact Creature
You control enchanted artifact creature.

By the way, check out http://www.magic-league.com/ as it has two programs one can use to play "Magic: The Gathering" online. Apprentice is the more popular of the two, but I prefer the interface of Magic Workstation. Either can load Apprentice deck format, so make decks in Apprentice and use them both places. MWS is shareware- but all you get is a five second load delay and the inability to write your own cards.

I've transcribed three of my most annoying effective decks into the program, card for card- it's honestly what I play with dead trees, no embellishment with "but it would be so much better if this was Lightning Bolt instead." So copy one of your decks on and stumble over me on AIM sometime, and we can play...

Well, I'd been playing with black before, and I hadn't had a lot of trouble with mana color issues.

The reason why I want Bladewing is actually against one of triton668's decks. His black deck, hosting 4x Hymn To Tourach and 4x Dark Ritual (among other things), is based in part on card denial. Bladewing takes back one dragon for free from the graveyard, providing there's one there in the first place. He usually makes me discard someone...

I only own the one Kilnmouth (which I got in a trade from triton668), foil Kilnmouth for foil Avatar of Fury. That deck is using almost every dragon I've got; the only one not in the deck is Dragon Mage, and that's because I've found that the way I had my deck, "discard all and draw 7" helps him out more than me, since he tends to play burn or control. I didn't have enough heavy burn in my deck to make such an effect extremely beneficial for me- I might now, though.

I'm honestly considering going the other way (again) and taking something out to slot Nim Fhqwhgads in- anything in the line of "+1/+0 for each artifact you've got". They go very nicely with Nuisance Engine.

Another advantage to playing black is my card stock. I have 3x Vault Of Whispers (Artifact Land- T: add B to your mana pool), but no Great Furnace (the red version of that). I've got one Frogmite in the deck (I'd have more, but I don't own more), and two Myr Enforcers. Artifact lands are great for affinity and similar artifact magnification effects, and I'd lose that if I slotted out all black due to my card stock.

Having Bladewing to recover a previously discarded dragon is a pretty good idea... unfortunately, it also guarantees that Bladewing is a huge target while he's still in your hand. And without the mana, he's also a sitting duck. Depending that much on one card for an advantage will get you boned a lot.

The Dragon Mage sounds like a good idea. Discard decks don't stand too well against direct damage, mostly because it only takes one card at a time to really screw a discard deck over. Ever thought of tracking down some Howling Mines as well? They're not too hard to find, pretty cheap, and they turn red decks into nightmares. Mana Flare is good for the same purpose.

Hmm... if you are getting benefits out of your black-oriented artifacts on their own merits, or on the merits of other artifacts, then keeping some black in might be a good idea. The key, though, is speedspeedspeed with your damage deck. If that Mephitic Ooze can get out quick, or alternatively, get out with a frightening number of artifacts in play, then by all means keep it - frankly, that Ooze sounds like an artifact deck staple if I ever heard one. Unfortunately, in a speedy deck, Elder Dragons are a big stretch no matter which way you slice it.

Don't take my word for it though... fix it up and try it out for a while. If it works, cool. If not, fix what doesn't fit. You seem like you've had better luck with a major/minor split color deck... *grin* Might as well put that luck to good use.

I have better luck with major/minor than I tend to with equal colors, actually. I don't know why I only use it in the one deck.

My speed comes from a pile of (1) and (2) casting-cost artifact creatures- Arcbound Worker, Arcbound Stinger, and Arcbound Slith. Modular 1, Modular 1 Flying, and Modular 1 Slith respectively. (Modular: Generally a 0/0 creature. Keyword "modular X" means "this comes into play with X +1/+1 counters on it; if it is put into a graveyard from play, you may move its +1/+1 counters to target artifact creature.) (Slith: Not keyworded, but all creatures with the effect are Slith of some form; it's the Slith's ability. Whenever this deals combat damage to a player, put a +1/+1 counter on it.)

It's a high-low deck- it stays alive on small cards until it gets enough mana, then promptly kills everybody with very large things.

It tends to be a rather effective high-low deck.

Interesting setup for the deck, and I do like the whole modular theme. Spikes from the Tempest Block used to do that, but in a little different of a way, and I always thought they were a realy fun way to work with a deck.

And heck, if you've got a whole lot of those to work with, then I can clearly see that you've got some nice speed to your deck. And I always figured dragon decks took a while to get going. *grin*

I wonder what I should name my decks, Kistaro. You have certainly inspired me to come up with names, even if they completely suck. I was thinking "Tinkering with denial" for the blue artifact deck. "Harbringer of hatred" seems appropriate for black. I have no clue for red. Any thoughts? I used to call my favorite deck I ever had (green and white) tbe "Angels getting high on Mirari's wake" deck. That was such a fun deck, but it was way too slow to really get going, because people always wanted to kill my Elvish Piper and Birds Of Paradise for some reason!

My favorite card to ever play with: Seedborn Muse
Second favorite: Isochron Scepter
Third favorite: City Of Solitude (a.k.a. "Death of Blue")

Considering how it's almost entirely direct damage, "The Burninator" seems appropriate for your red deck, and I think "Hymn of Hatred" would be better for the black deck considering your 4x Hymn To Tourach in there...

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