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Audio Roulette

A semesterly thing at Washington University is the campus radion station's sale of all the CDs they don't want, which is usually a significant quantity. "Sale" is a bit of an understatement; I'm not sure that 3cds/$1.00 is a sale so much as a giveaway.

Ignoring the "Promotional- not for resale" labels on two of them, I grabbed six CDs that seemed like they were possibly my type- electronic, instrumental, ambient, as opposed to the offensive rock filling most of the bins. And this was for two bucks.

I'm currently playing the first of actually seven CDs (it's an ambient electronica CD, and the second is just a remix of the first), and this one already makes the two bucks worth it. Never mind the fact that there was apparently a gluing mishap and I had to carefully pry the case open, and then had to pry the cover-paper off the discs, the damage was only to the label side, and the data sounds just fine...

What's really cool about it is that it gives me a chance to experiment with music I'd never buy at the regular price. It's almost free. It's music with none of the guilt over spending significant quantities of money, because it was an insignificant quantity of money.

Yay for Audio Roulette!

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