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color cycle (slow)

Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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New Userpic
color cycle (slow)
Made it myself. Besides the extreme stylization of the text, notice anything else unusual?

(With a nod to ceruleanst for providing general inspiration.)

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The fact that it totally mirrors itself?

Also, your LJ style has changed.

The style changed a while back, but yes, the userpic is an ambigram. It's 180-degree rotationally symmetrical, while being an almost-legible decidedly asymmetrical word.

Erm... "legible" my foot. The second half isn't so bad, but the first is a quite a stretch. (The spinning doesn't help, either)

That said, it is 'quite nifty' now that I understand it :)

I agree that it needs work. I'll be increasing the static time to 10sec instead of the current 3sec, but what would add to the legibility?

W/d: Move the gap in the W-connection bar. The result is less of a bend in the d's stem, a serif on the E, and a modified W.

W/E: Shorten the middle bar of the E. This makes the W more identifiable.

n/dr: Bow out the d- end of the n, resulting in a more legible n and a bent d. Break the loop of the d, making it look more like decoration on the n while looking stylized on the d.

Any other suggestions?

Er, tell us what it says? I can't really make out the letters you're talking about, so I can't suggest legibility improvements. It just looks like a random design intended to look vaguely handwriting-esque to me.

I've made some serious changes to it- look again. I'm aiming for "Windrider". (Or, more accurately, "WIndrIdEr".)

Thanks....I don't think I'm going to be much help. Even with the new version and your translation, I don't see it. I see WI?VISET - the last T could be an R, but.... Once I see a couple capitals, my mind reads the rest in capitals as well - and they unfortunately mostly work, they just aren't what you meant. :)

This version look better?

Generally, yes. The hardest letter to make sense of is the 'n'. Perhaps that's because 'n' typically has its serif(s) on the opposite sides from where they appear in your icon. I liked it better when it was spinning--I hope you'll keep the spinning in the final copy (though less frequently as you said) :)

If I look really hard I can see WINdrIdER. Nice. I once tried it with my own (real) name, didn't get that far.

I can't read it. *shrugs*

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