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On Good Vandalism

I try to be an ethical person. I do my utmost to never comprimise my integrity. I take pride in upholding my moral standards (which I freely admit are a bit skewed compared to some). Sometimes, however, I see an act of vandalism, and I just have to applaud.

Up in the CEC, there is a large bulletin board for posting advertisements about computer-related events and job opportunities. A post up there was asking for someone to write "an e-mail address harvester to extract addresses from a web page and put them in an Excel spreadsheet. Pays VERY WELL! Contact info:" And the rest of the paper was gone. The bottom half- the contact information- had been ripped off, and across the paper was written another message: "FUCK YOU SPAMMER"

This is one of those times I have to support the vandal-of-paper. Especially over the vandal-of-Internet.

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