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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Programming Frustrations
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By the way... would any of you happen to have a sledgehammer and the home address of the twit who thought it would be a good idea to make setMinimumSize(Dimension size) NOT implicitly call setPreferredSize(Dimension size) when the min is larger than the preferred, or the preferred is undefined? I'd like to have a little conversation with him about that programming decision, to make it so Swing components will prefer to size something at below its minimum functional size if you don't explicitly set the preferredSize as well.

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Preferred size is what pack() looks at, and I presume the primary front of most autosizification algorithms in Swing.

First point in microparagraph (font size, not content level): Agreed. I honestly don't understand how people can get a kick out of mocking somebody for no reason whatsoever.

As for "what it means?" Simple, yet not simple. Rather Zen in that respect. How I came to it? I didn't. I stopped denying it. When I was really very young\, I somehow just knew that they're human, and I'm not, and it doesn't really matter anyway and I never brought it up. (Things aren't very complex to a four-year-old.) But by this time I was in preschool (I had been since age 3), and was already utterly failing to fit in. (It didn't help that the teacher didn't like me, ever since I corrected her in the middle of singing "A circle has no sides" that it has an infinite number of sides. And I knew exactly what that meant. Only now do I really appreciate how out-of-the-ordinary that might have been.) In my attempts to cope with the world, I suppressed it- denied everything about me that was unique, trying to force myself to fit in.

That was the last time I made that mistake. Attempts to fit in failed, and I gave them up. But thoughts of inhumanity were- temporarily- suppressed. They resurfaced in grand style sometime around third grade, where they were suppressed because all my classmates said I was crazy anyway and that just proved it and they must be right if I think I'm not human and they must really be right if I'm feeling these limbs that aren't there. (I was fond of run-on sentences at that age.)

My social problems proceeded to get worse. I never comprimised my pacifism; I would not hurt others. I never comprimised my integrity: I would not skip class, I would not lie. I never comprimised my enjoyment of learning, just to fit in. (That happened when I got some really bad teachers.) I was also young (and that got worse when I skipped 7th and 8th grade). I idolized (most of) my teachers. I was nice, kind, generous, and helpful. In short, I was about as unlike my peers as it was possible to be, and there was nothing I could do to even more thoroughly paint a target on my butt that I had not already done.

Some time in the middle of all of this, the suppression failed again. It was up just as quickly.


We should just assume everyone has at least a 1600x1200 monitor and just define fixed dimensions. Then, disallow resizing the window and everything is fine!

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