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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Yet Another Googlewhack
color cycle (slow)
numbing wedgers
numbing: 318,000 (whoa!)
x wedgers:   518 (bleah)
= 164,724,000 = 164mil
Rating: Utterly, Totally Bleah

Wow, and I thought an 800mil was unimpressive. At least it's a Whack.

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Hows it work?

The number of times eachs shows up alone multiplied?

Any rules on the words? (IE, do they have to show up in a dictionary?)

Yeah, that's the formula. The Dictionary Rule only applies to www.googlewhacking.com since they don't score Whacks- using "illegal" words usually results in a rancid score, although it is effective. (I've gotten Whacks from misspellings- but never particularly valuable ones.)

racketeering: 171,000
x fulminator:   2,650 
Yeah, I guess fulminator was a bad choice. It got me on the Whack Stack, though :)

One more (this one's better)

   cornpone:    13,900
x enrolment: 1,270,000
Hey, 17.6 billion's good, right? (I imagine a good way to find another Google whack might be to similarly pick a typically southern term along with one spelt the British way.)

Re: One more (this one's better)

17.6bil is actually a pretty typical score- but it sure beats 170 million!

kitchenette:    592,000
x dodecahedrons:  2,480

1.4 billion--it's a step down, but still repectable.

Re: ...Can't...Stop...!


Re: One more (this one's better)

I thought one of the rules was that you had to know what the words meant... what is 'cornpone' anyway?

Re: One more (this one's better)

Food... Southern food... Made from corn... It's like cornbread... But different...

Re: One more (this one's better)

Ok, wow, I never heard of that, nor any of the variants!!!

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