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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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wedgie antiderivative

Too bad it's a word list, so I can't register it at www.googlewhacking.com, but it's still a fun one. Whack Score:
wedgie:           70,000
x antiderivative: 12,800
= 896,000,000, or 896mil
Rating: It's Crap

I had fun with that one, though. Calculus is a wedgie. This seems especially appropriate since I'm retaking Calculus II over the summer- it's not just that I want to wipe out a C+, but I want to make sure I understand before trying Calc III.

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What you call 'antiderivative', we call 'integral'.

But besides that, why do these word lists exist? I really can't understand the point... oh, okay, on looking at that page it does make sense. But there are a lot of pages around with random word lists on them with no meaning, and I don't know why.

What's a whack score?

A Googlewhack is any Google search of exactly two terms that returns one and only one result. (Not zero, not two: exactly one.) The Whack Score, which is usually in the low billions (800mil is low), is the number of results you get by searching for just the first word times the number of results you get by searching for just the second word. You are therefore rewarded for whacks that use common words- they're more difficult to find, as there is more likely to be a larger overlap of sites containing both, and finding a pair for which there is exactly one is extremely rare.

The 70,000 for "wedgie" is typical, but the 12,000 for "antiderivative" is simply bad. "antiderivative" is not a common word; the proper term for what it refers to is "indefinite integral," and that's what is generally used. "antiderivative" is a "Welcome to the concept" thing probably unique to my particular textbook, hence a relatively low score.

OK I get it. I just registered "amoebae gingersnaps"

amoebae = 33,000
gingersnaps = 18,600
613.8 million.

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