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Tick... tick... tick...

Physics exam in three hours, twelve minutes...

I should do well; I've been doing fine on everything except the trig and I get a TI-89 and experience with screwing up a lot to help me with that. Wish me luck, all...

Maybe it will go as well as the CS 241 lab I got back. 107.8%, which isn't bad at all... (It's a natural 98%, but the week-early finish nets me a x1.1 bonus, so big extra credit. Yay! And Professor Goldman said she had very little trouble following my code this time, unlike the last two times! Double yay! But the graders still gave up and handed it to her to grade because they couldn't decipher my code. Un-yay, but the net is two instances of "yay", so it's a net gain.)

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