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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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The Closest Thing To A Voice Post I'm Likely To Make Anytime Soon
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I don't have a paid account, so I can't give you a "real" voice post. But with the help of a crappy, low-quality microphone, I can give you all the unclarity and static of one!

I've been practicing my monologue for Acting class, and I think I'm finally starting to "get it." What helped is my delivering it into the aforementioned microphone, and hence getting to hear what I rush through, what I fail to enunciate, what I just plain screw up.

But this last run I did was actually almost pretty good- there are some pauses while I open the book and find the line because of spot blank-out, my nose is a bit clogged, and I still put too much air into it, but it's a big improvement. And hence I have decided to let y'all out there in Internet-land hear my actual voice!


It is weird how different one's own voice sounds when carried through the air instead of carried through one's skull. I know I have a high voice, but I didn't know it was that high. I sound really gay.

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Not that that's a Bad Thing™. (I think everyone's voices sound funky to them. I know mine does to me.)

The other difference between a PhonePost and this is that you've put yours up in MP3 rather than Ogg Vorbis format... I was thinking of making a PhonePost of myself playing something on the Piano. But I don't want to waste my precious 50MB... (Apparently you can't have your megabytes and store data, too.)

Now that I've listened to it--nicely done :) Except for those brief pauses it was quite good!

[Oh, and by the way, your pictures are rather good, too.]

For the photos, I am personally partial to the squirrel one.

As for the pauses- I'm working on it! The most obtrusive ones were when I forgot a line. It's still better than my talking too quickly and winding up even more unintelligible than usual.

It's just occurred to me that it looks like that squirrel has a fuzzy moustache.

Rodent. United Kingdom spelling of "mustache". Why not merge the two,add an "e" in there and make it "mousetache?"

Fear the tangents my brain takes.

Anyway, it's some food wrapper or something in the garbage can the squirrel was stripping clean of any vaguely edible material, hence the illusion. But yeah, it looks like that!

Well, I will have to listen to myself to test this apparently observable observer effect. I can understand why you (?) were asking about a radio program for Tlands.

I can say that it functions when playing the violin. What I hear, and what the microphone hears, are usually to different things, as I tend to overlap what I'm playing (in my mind) with what I want to hear. I think that we do similar with our voices. All in all, it takes much practice, and vigilance. Then more practice.

I can't really give you any additional advice on your performance; as you seem to have critiqued yourself very well. That, and I feel only marginally qualified when critiquing the human voice. Good job!

Wow, NOT what I imagined you sounded like. Strange how the mind works, eh?

In any event, good luck with the monologue!

It does make me wonder, of course, what did you imagine I sound like before hearing that? What voice did you associate with those lines of spaghetti code? ("The flow is like the path of a drunken driver on a cloverleaf. -8" --Grader comment on my CS homework, which was later followed up with "And yet others did worse. +7")

And I'm really less worried about next week's monologue than tomorrow's Physics exam. *whimper*

My point exactly! What did I expect? Yes, maybe a little deeper. Hard to pin down what my brain was expecting, but what it heard and what it expected were very far afield. All we need now is a picture (and no, not the squirrel picture) and we'll be all set.

Completely unrelated to this post, but the -T num switch lets you set the tab[ulator] size so you don't have to put up with that 8 messing things up. (Just don't get it mixed up with the -t switch, lest ye end up with a title of 4 or something.)

(I learned the "man" command today. It's useful!)

And that should solve all future CS102 printing problems. Yay!

Although I'm not sure it will fix that "text collision" bug we discovered, but that might have been it not liking people who tab nine spaces in.

What do you use to record/convert to mp3?

I use the program that came with my MP3 player, "Creative MediaSource." It beats Windows Sound Recorder, which is my only other option.

> I sound really gay.

The voice pitch makes some difference, I guess, but for me, the things that made that stand out were the French sprinkled throughout the monologue; the early pronunciation of "exquisite"; and that you're talking at length about sexual situations. ];=8)

"Next to him, Adonis himself would have faded into insignificance ..."

Well, what do you expect from a French farce?

If you thought the audio was bad in the innuendo department, you should see the gesticulations. I have the most fun with a distinct double meaning on "extensive measures."

...was killer. ^^

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