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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Bad call
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Damn it! I could have gotten both my Physics and my CS done, but it's half an hour too late to drop the Physics. I've got the CS done.

Hmm. Actually, I probably couldn't have done both; with how Physics fries my brain, I doubt I would have been able to track down all these bastard bugs.

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You are not banned from my journal, Kistaro. However, you are prohibited from reading my posts (you take me off, I take you off, and most of my posts are friends only). Chances are you are trying to access friends-only posts.

I also have non-friend posts screened, but mostly to deter E/N flamers. They tend not to flame when they can't perform for an audience.

Are we both victms of a system error? Tech support has been adding patches recently, so it could have been a spot thing. I know all about comment screening, and the "You are banned from commenting in this journal" error is not consistent with comment screening or unlocked post attempt.

Order of operations:
1. I try to post a comment on your journal.
2. I recieve an unfriendly "j00 iz BANN3D, b1z0tch" error message.
3. I remove you from my friends list.
*hours-break; post attempt occured at 2:55ish before Physics class in the CEC*
4. You remove me from your friends list.
5. With access to AIM, I leave a rather sarcastic remark over AIM to invite you to tell me exactly what the hell happened.

Note the relative ordering of two and three. Like a fool, I trusted LiveJournal's "banned" error message to only appear in the case of a ban. What a naieve moron I was!

No, seriously, I do believe you because you seem to be somewhat more inclined to yell it out to the bitter end than silence a party, and moderate code patches are being spliced in to LiveJournal, and as that has to happen while it's running, the result is temporarily screwy operation.

Although we tend to disagree on everything up to and including methods of conversation, I do like being able to communicate with someone inclined to express disagreement instead of being politically correct about it and immediately trying to find the way what we're saying is identical. It also gives me a chance to not be expected to do the same...

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