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color cycle (slow)

Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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On Very Good Luck
color cycle (slow)
So yesterday, Saturday afternoon, I bought a Darksteel booster of Magic: The Gathering cards.

For those who don't know, 15 card boosters are always split 11 commons, 3 uncommons, and 1 rare. The cards are arranged in that order, to build the suspense as you look through the pack...

So in a thoroughly average pack, I look at my third uncommon. Nothing memorable. So I flip to the rare.

Darksteel Colossus: Artifact Creature- Colossus. (11) 11/11
Darksteel Colossus is indestructible.
If Darksteel Colossus would be put in the graveyard from anywhere, it instead goes back to its owners' hand.

Not bad. A $10.00 card in a $3.67 booster pack.

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(Deleted comment)
I have an unholo of that. It always reminds me of thrames...

I think I managed to collect a grand total of 5 dirtcowl worms from the tempest (I think it was) set, way back in the day. Just about every other booster pack I got had one in it, and the buggers weren't even worth anything.

What's M:tG up to these days anyways? I haven't played that thing in at least a year. What sort of zany card effects are they using now? I keep on figuring they've run out, but then they pop up another idea that's a minor variation on 3 previous card effects and it keeps them up and running for another good while.

My friend has one of those in his deck; along with Bosh, an Isochrome Scepter, a Lotus Bloom, a Lotus Petal, a Viridian Bow, some legendary land that has an amount of colorless mana equal to the amount of artifacts in play, and Tinker. It is a nigh-unstoppable deck, for the most part. He can have Bosh down in 3 turns, if he gets the right hand.

I'm also having some thoughts of getting back into Magic, yet, somehow, this always makes me keep what little money I have. I figure it'll be more fun and even more of a time waster than Magic. I mean, a single game of Magic will last no more than 20, 30 min. A good game of Warhammer will last 6 hours. Though, "Lunch-hammer" can be done in 30 minutes, give or take.

It's the time issue that is part of why I prefer Magic. I much prefer the shorter games that I can fit into an inter-class break (I've been known make plans with an opponent and pack a deck), and it's something I can still do when I have some homework left (although not too much).

And I still think that this card looks a lot like you.

The deck you described sounds a lot like Adam S'. He tends to rely on mana acceleration to great effect; I don't have good mana acceleration, so I prefer cheap control whenever I can, as anybody who plays against me and gets repeatedly "Counter Target Spell"-ed knows.

Geezus. Cards like that make me wonder if older cards are even viable anymore.

If they are, I'll take you on anytime. Old school, yo. Represent.

A lot of the old cards are quite good in present-day Magic; many of my favorites are 5th Edition. (Note that all Interrupts are now Instants, making Power Sink almost useless.) Things that weren't so great then are incredible now- especially cheap artifact destruction, as Mirrodin/Darksteel/Fifth Dawn are artifact based.

"Indestructible" does not mean "uncounterable," and even the graveyard effect has a gotcha: the card costs eleven mana to cast. Countering that means your opponent just sank eleven mana. (Sort of like my casting Sever Soul on my opponent's ...somethingsomething Djinn, which was a 5/6 Flying that cost something ridiculous to put out... and then I fried it while gaining six life. He couldn't pay for the counter!)

Enchantments have gotten wilder and wilder, so pack enchantment removal- and because of the present format, artifact removal, preferably repeat-fire artifact removal. Mana acceleration is still as valuable as it ever was, and nobody can ignore an 8/8...

True that. Although I am guilty of having quite a few newer cards, I still prefer the older cards, and many of them are still viable. Sol Ring, Demonic Hordes, Swords To Plowshares, Guardian Beast, Copper Tablet, and Gwendlyn Di Corci come to mind. WHat were your favorite old cards?

Hey Kistaro

Both Richard and I are almost finished with our cards. I have less than 10 to go, I just made the one for my cat, and will soon make the one for The Legend Of Zelda's hero: Link (my favorite video game character, based soley on his imprefections and naivete). Hopefully, later this week, ull be able to look at my deck and help me "debug" it. I hope to talk with you soon.

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