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color cycle (slow)

Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Trading Card Games: The Do-It-Yourself Edition
color cycle (slow)
Something I'm not sure if I've mentioned here or not is that I'm an avid player of Magic: The Gathering. I make no claims to be a good player, but I enjoy the game. I recently bought a Mirrodin Tournament Pack (75 cards, equivalent to three booster packs and 30 land) and have hence deconstructed all of my decks and am building new ones.

I'm doing, in my opinion, better than usual this time. I'm winding up getting more "good decks" out of it instead of one or two whoppers and a whole bunch that just sort of have things thrown together by color. But that's beside the point, because while I have fun with that, I and one of the other people named Adam at Wash U., and one of his friends, are creating a game of "Make Your Own M:TG." We each have one month to create, on standard plain-backed 3x5 white index cards, 60 Magic: The Gathering cards that are not basic land. We have to choose reasonable casting costs, because we're going to pick cards for ourselves in Rochester Draft format, so if you make something unbalanced, there are rules that other people get to dig through your cards before you get your own. So it's essentially Limited-format, but with cards that, in normal times, would never exist. (And no limits on land, as we're to make our own basic lands once we've picked our draft cards.)

I think this makes us very much geeks and slaves to Wizards of the Coast. And I shall close this posting with one of the cards I have created:

Barney The Dinosaur: (2BkBk).
Creature- Atrocity Legend.
[T], (2), Pay 2 life: Put a -1/-1 counter on target creature with toughness of 2 or greater.
"I love you, you love me, we're a happy family..." -- Barney's war cry

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lol. Thats just not right... I love it.
So.. Mirrodin, eh? I play with the bait and bludger pack, its so good, with the whole affinity for artifacts thing. Everything ands up so cheap. Much love.
Saw this post in Maikaduriels friends thing, and I just had to reply.
Barney. I'm gonna be laughing at that mental image for a while...

2 + T + 2 life seems excessive for the effect. I'd say 1 life at most, probably none (although certainly tap it, and the mana cost seems appropriate).

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