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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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No, not there, and not there! That's what, two lines?
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Mathematica is page-break hell.

It is also egotistical software. Whenever its own name is typed within one of its documents, in its editor, it italicizes it.

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LOL... Gotta love programs like that ^ ^

That might make sense if it's also used as a formatter for publication, a la LaTeX. IIRC the style guidelines for publication call for sources to be italicized.

... Hmm. Although it's not really a source, is it? Formal papers don't say "The use of Adobe Photoshop is recommended for image manipulation." Mathematica is software too.

Okay, maybe that is just weird.

Mathematica is designed for publication uses, and I suppose it could be considered a source (it's spitting out numbers for you). I suspect Wolfram's ego, however, after last semester's talk by Stephen Wolphram making it quite clear that he's a crank. (See also the book "Mathematical Cranks", by Underwood Dudley. It is a very facinating book. It is als written by my father's mathematics professor.)

Realize that this is the same Mathematica that sends haiku poetry with its copy-protection scheme, so anybody who defeats it can get sued on the DMCA and the copyright infringement of copying the poem.

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